5 ways to beat hayfever

I experienced a typical “parent worry” last week

My 8 week old daughter sneezed

Has she got a cold?

A temperature?



Or did she simply..sneeze?

Just to clear her airways?

Anyway, Spring is here

And despite the winds and snow coming from Planet Trump…

​​​it’s nearly Summer and time to ditch those baggy clothes we hide under

Which means allergy season is nearly upon us

Now, I used to get really bad hayfever

And – the odd year – it does come back with a vengeance

I remember a few years back when at Loughborough University

I’d barely leave the house

Anticipating sneeze after sneeze

^^^”Bless you”

It was a pain

Made me feel tired and run down.

Stopped me being productive with work and my day

Prevented me getting good sleep

^^^ which meant I was grouchy with friends and family the next day and relied on caffeine to get me through the day

Now, could this be linked to a food allergy?


But with current medication potentially giving you a dry mouth

And / or making you drowsy

An alternative would be welcome, right?

And a recent study has – once again – shown why the bacteria in your gut could be the key to boosting your immune system and health

People given probiotics suffered fewer allergy related nose symptoms

And reported improvements in their quality of life

^ ^^ sleep, productivity, work, mood, ability to think clearly (all the things which will probably help you manage stress and lose fat)

Anyway, here’s 4 more tips to help you get your energy back and take back control of these seasonal allergies:

1. Manage stress – stress is linked to the severity of your symptoms. Prioritise your day or someone else will prioritise it for you

2. Get moving! – exercise can reduce stress and the severity of your symptoms. Perhaps look for indoor exercise if your symptoms are really bad.

3.Good eating – a balanced diet high in anti inflammatory foods like omega 3 fats, oily fish, and fruit and veggies can help reduce symptoms

And – some – have reported that reducing mucus-forming foods such as milk products and added sugar COULD help

4. Prioritise SLEEP –  Only 13% of people who had 7 hours or more sleep a night reported severe symptoms, compared with 21% who regularly had 5 hours or less

And guess what?

Do the above…

And you might be feeling a little more confident about ditching the baggy clothes this Spring after all

Just like we do in Fat Loss Mastery

Matt “bless you” Fruci

PS. Do you suffer from Hayfever?

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