I lasted 1 minute

I lasted 1 minute…Before I was soaking wet  <<< No, I’m not talking about that. That was your mind, not mine.

It was last Sunday. I was motivated and excited to get in my new, lighter, FASTER boat. I managed to paddle in it the week before for the first time ever. So, I could not wait to jump in (the boat not the water) and get going.

So I head off in the cloudy canal in Devizes….I start to pick up some speed…and I’m in!

It happened so fast, couldn’t tell you how it happened. 

So I’m in the canal. My feet are sinking in what can only be described as $#*! to the extent I’m struggling to flip the boat to get the water out. Not to mention the fact there’s no where to get out so I’m basically jumping into a boat from inside the water.

Long story, short…I got back in, paddled back (slowly), shivering, and felt like crying…

UNTIL…I slowed down and actually took the positives here. Because I’ve been thinking about which boat to do it in for a while and this has confirmed what I need to do. PLUS…I’m now more confident getting in the boat from the water without even using the sides AND I know I need to step up my training if I’m going to have any chance of kayaking to Westminster. 

^^^ The truth hurts (I’m not as fit or good at kayaking as I thought I was but doing nothing isn’t going to help me)

And it’s no different in this battle of ‘eating your emotions’ and toning up game. I get that it happens so fast, you couldn’t tell me how it happened. Kids, work, dinner, domestic admin, emails and not to mention the full-time job of looking after your…hubby 😉

BUT…the only way you can take control of this is to make yourself 100% responsible for your actions. Because if you don’t and blame the ‘demons’ inside for eating out your snack cupboard at 9pm or blame your colleagues from brining in cake at 323pm? You’re helpless. Because you’ve shifted the blame. 

And it reminds me of a message I  got from a Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation member last week:

“Sorry I won’t make it this am. Am doing my workout now though. All continuing to go well. Less cramping this week and waist still going down. I did a minute of full plank last night. Going for it again today!”

And here’s what happened this week:

“I’ve noticed that I’m heading for the biscuit tin in the staff room and either mindfully eat one or stop myself. I took in a bunch of carrots from the market on Wed morning and have been eating those instead!
10st 13.9 Today the scales went below 11st for the first time! 85.5 cm = 2cm off since I’ve started measuring.”

All through applying the simple little principles and habits I show you in my 30-Day Habit Shift, which you can grab for FREE today (usually £6.99).

Here’s the link to grab it: https://frucifit.com/30-day-habit-shift/

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