Kourtney Kardashian’s Weird Food Plan

I've been asked recently about apple cider vinegar. Maybe because a Kardashian (a so-called celeb) was in the papers admitting to drinking vinegar as part of her diet plan.

But here's the thing, whether it's you're good red wine, white wine, apple cider, or malt vinegar...

Having some of this 'acid' as a condiment, dressing, in your sauce, or just straight could:

1) Slow down the rate at which your sugar levels in your blood spike after eating (which could help to control / reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes)

2) Potentially improve your cholesterol 

3) Potentially help you lose weight and shrink your waistline...as those who had a 15ml or 30ml dose of vinegar each day over 12 weeks lost nearly 1.2kg and 1.9kg more than those who didn't....plus, they showed decreases in their waist measurements. 


Before you go on the 'acidic' diet and start chugging down your cider vinegar and coating your chips in good old malt vinegar...

None this stuff really matters unless you are:

1) Challenging your beliefs about 'good' or 'bad' foods...

2) Making exercise fun and a choice (rather than a chore which you have to be really motivated to do...)

Take care of these 2 and you'll be back into your favourite clothes and toning up in no time.

The papers and media like to give you this ONE secret...

Even though Kourtney Kardashian drinks some vinegar, she also eats a lot of veggies, salmon, Chilli's, veggie soups...and preps most of her food in advance so she can grab when busy in the week 

^^^ And I think most of us would agree that's a pretty good plan..

Anyway, her father may have been OJ Simpson's lawyer, but that doesn't mean she's qualified to give nutrition advice...

But here's the thing...this health, fitness and weight loss stuff doesn't have to be complicated.

In fact, the more complicated you make it, the more likely you are to fail and pile the weight back on.

It's why I prefer to show you the simple scientific principles of losing fat and then help you fit them into your current life, no matter how many emails, roadworks, self sabotaging thoughts, and family commitments get in your way...

It takes the guesswork out of worrying about what you can or can't eat to lose weight and the best types of exercise so you can do it even on your busiest day...

It's been long time coming and I'm still tweaking things as ladies come to me with new challenges...

But the messages I've had from some of the ladies telling me how they've managed to be more consistent than ever before with their food and exercise habits have been really rewarding to see. 

Don't just take my word for it though, I've got 5 spaces to try my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System for free


PS. Now, I can't make any promises, of course.

But what I will say is this:

I'd be very surprised if anyone who does this free week doesn't go away with a healthy eating and exercise plan that fits their lifestyle (and doesn't require weighing foods or counting points...)

A bold claim, I know.

But I stand by every word.

Click below to claim your free week (applications close on Sunday or when the 5 places are gone):


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