Is this the end of cooking?

"It will change everything. It will be the end of cooking, forks, plates, washing up and garbage!"

^^^ These are the words of Willy Wonka referring to his chewing-gum meal thats a whole 3 course meal in one: "This piece of gum I've just made happens to be tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie"

So, whilst reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my daughter, it got me thinking how I could provide you with maximum amount of healthy nutrition to keep you full up, whilst saving you time so you didn't have to spend hours cooking...

The result?

A whole a burger (which is healthy, nutritious and tried and tested by our Chief Food Scientist at Fruci Fit (my daughter)..

To check the healthy, filling and nutritious burgers out, see below:

Just want to see how you can build a healthy eating and exercise plan to lose weight, keep it off and fit back into your favourite clothes?

^^^^ All without counting syns and spending hours in a gym (because as Willy Wonka said: 'time is a precious thing')..

Apply one of the 2 spaces I have for next weeks FREE trial using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System to see how you can finally reach your health and fitness goals in 2018.

Here's the link to apply:


Matt 'time is a precious thing' Fruci

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