The 5 [unintended] consequences of being scared of fat this halloween

I know it doesn’t help you that the Daily Mail change their mind every day (hour, minute…)

And this can make you fear foods even more.

Avoid them like the plague.

and it’s no different with ‘fat’

Sure, fat has 9 calories per gram 

which is over double the amount of calories in protein and carbs per gram

So limiting fat IS a way to ditch the love handles.

But – just like the saying goes – there’s more than one way to skin a cat

And here’s just 5 of the UNINTENDED consequences I see when you become a little too scared of fat

^^^ There’s my Halloween costume sorted

1) You look for ‘low fat’ on every product, failing to consider the sugar content and how this might make you crave MORE food and leave you still feeling hungry

2) You stress about eating more than 1 egg a day ‘due to the fat and cholesterol’ , forgetting that they’re like natures multivitamin!

I spoke more about eggs and cholesterol HERE

3) You call oily fish like salmon and mackerel (which are high in Omega 3 and great for joint, muscles, and your brain) a fatty food, meaning you avoid them and skip on their health benefits 

I spoke more about omega 3 (and the vitamins that help you get your energy from your food) in my five overlooked nutrients in your diet article HERE 

4) By avoiding fat, you eat less protein, feel hungry and can’t contain yourself when the cake comes out at 323pm!

5) You forget that the ‘happy hormone’, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E (which is great for your skin and hair) need fat to be absorbed!

As always, it’s not what you eat for a meal or day that counts

But what you do on average

What fits your lifestyle

So you can stick to it

And build a diet to last (so you can stop blaming yourself and ‘lack of willpower’)

Happy hump day!


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