How much unwanted body fat can you drop in a day?

Most of my electronic-mails that I write give you advice, mindset tricks and tips on getting started with a healthy eating and exercise plan for you that you can stick to so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

But one thing I don't really cover is what to do when you're actually DOING the work and NOT seeing the scales go down and your waistline shrinking...

So, let's say you've made a start. You are walking more, attending some exercise 'classes' and watching what you eat. 

But nothing happens...despite the above all being really positive (so well done)

Well, first off. Don't do what MOST people do...

Which is QUIT!!

And I've been there. Last year I took up kayaking. Out of my comfort zone. It hasn't gone to plan...I've wanted to QUIT. Many, many times. Truth is, I'm not where I want to be but quitting won't get me any closer...

The secret is slowing down just enough to have an HONEST ASSESSMENT of whats not happening and WHY

* Do you have enough structure with your eating which actually gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love without guilt or binging?

* Are you seeing any progress with your exercise? Stronger? Fitter? More toned? 

* Do you know what to do when you go 'off plan'? e.g. weekends, social events, other half bringing food home, work meetings lasting 10x longer...

* Do the scales dictate whether you are in a good or bad mood...and what you do next?

^^ THAT is just scratching the surface

But once you do that- you can tweak things, you can MEASURE things, you can IMPROVE

^^ notice how I said tweak? Because that is sometimes all it takes...

if you're not measuring anything- how can you fix it?

And I don't just mean the scales...but your daily habits and obstacles / challenges that stop you losing weight / get in the way (long days at work, eating out, family life etc.)

The final piece of this?

Be open to new ways of thinking...

The reason I bring this all up is I had a question from someone asking whether they could just do the workouts but not change their diet...and how much weight they can lose in 4 weeks...

And given that I pride myself on getting you results (I actually live or die on doing this), I was unable to help them. 

Simply because I couldn't guarantee them the results they wanted unless they were willing to at least be open to suggestions with regards to improving their diet

They were already exercising 5 days a week, weren't seeing results but didn't want to adapt their way of eating...

The truth is, about 80% of losing fat is from your diet.

The exercise is important. It will help you slim down quicker and keep the FAT OFF long term (not to mention help tone you up so you can fit into your favourite clothes..

But even if you went just went on a starvation diet and exercised every day...

The most amount of unwanted body FAT you can lose in day? 

About 250g...

Depressing, I know....

And its partly why having the support & accountability from like minded ladies works so well in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System.

It keeps you going when you might have done what most people do...QUIT.

Not to mention, you also have access to your very own Registered Nutritionist (Me) to help you build a healthy eating plan that fits your lifestyle. 

Check it out by clicking the link below:


Like I said though, if you're not willing to be open to new ways of thinking about this healthy weight loss stuff (and by that I mean that it doesn't have to be this 'eat nothing but salad' or 'F it might as well finish the biscuits' mindset)..

then this probably isn't for you...

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