It’s not low carb, it’s not low fat (it’s THIS)

So I was chatting  to one of the ladies last week on our 4-Week Kickstart Programme and

She was talking about some of her biggest wins so far


*Feeling in control of afternoon snacking (where she would sometimes eat 500 calories and not even enjoy it…)

*Being really aware of what she does almost on autopilot so she can challenge her habits and build new, empowering and healthy ones

*The exercise and the support from me and the amazing ladies.

*The done for you flexible meal plans that gives you structure but freedom to still eat the foods you love

*Being aware of how her ‘healthy snacks’ were not actually as healthy as she thought and how her relationship with food wasn’t as health as she thought

Why am I sharing this with?

Because the thing I noticed was that it is NOT really anything to do with ‘bad carbs’ or

‘bad fats’ 

But actually just SELF AWARENESS…

It’s pretty much irrelevant 

Whether you cut carbs, fats, do fating, count points, syns, cleanse diets etc…

If you’re not self aware of your habits…

Now, after this conversation I did a quick 2 minute video whilst walking home explaining exactly why and how to do this

To help you challenge your habits and question the things you do 

It was recorded live so forgive my tangents haha

But here it:


Matt ‘tangent over’ Fruci

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