just in case 

Just in case you missed it

Here’s the replay to the seminar I did last week:

“Overcoming self sabotage so you can keep up your healthy routine & get results (even with social events & weekends)”

you need to stop doing  

✅ How to overcome self sabotage so you can keep going (even when the voice in your head says you can’t)

✅ 8 Powerful questions to ask yourself so you can boost your willpower

✅ How to stay on track (even if you lack time)

✅ What to do if you can’t get motivated to do the things you know you need to do

✅ How to to keep the momentum going even at weekends so you don’t fall off the bandwagon

✅ A simple way to start increasing your confidence in yourself today

✅ What to do if you are a people pleaser

Feel free to share it or forward this on to anyone you think might find this helpful 

Matt “former self sabotager” Fruci

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