just “eat less and move more…simple” 🤔

Every now and then when I post a blog on Facebook, I’ll get a comment back from someone saying something super helpful (sarcasm) like:

“Just eat less and move more…simple”

And I’m not knocking them. They just don’t get the FACT that most people KNOW what to do, right? You know that eating less calories and expending more will help you lose weight.

But actually doing it amongst the ‘fear of failing again’, finding time amongst the million other things you have to do, engrained habits that lead you straight to the crisps and wine after a stressful day…even though you don’t want to do it…

Is completely different .

Now, let’s actually say that you HAVE eaten less and exercised more CONSISTENTLY, even with social events etc. (and you know you have through some kind of tracking, be it Weight Watchers, Slimming World ,calorie counting etc.) 

But you are NOT losing weight?

Well, here’s 2 things you might want to consider:

1) Your body may be adapting to your current diet AKA you are no longer in a calorie deficit.

​​You see, after following a ‘diet’​​​​​​ some people burn 20% calories less from everyday activities. Your body can ADAPT. What you used to eat to lose weight, is now what you eat to maintain.


* Have a few weeks ‘off’ dieting / trying to lose weight / having the stress of dieting and beating yourself up for not getting the results you want / go crazy and eat a potato or two at dinner lol

This isn’t a binge. In fact, if you’ve been restricting carbs, then eating a bit more carbs for a few weeks, like potatoes, and then going back to your diet may actually help bump up your metabolism and kickstart things.

​​2) Your everyday activities have gone down  – AKA you are no longer in a calorie deficit – for example, your everyday step counts may have reduced. you may be fidgeting less. You may be taking the lifts instead of the stairs? 


* Track your steps

​​​​​​​​But if I’m honest?

The thing that most of the ladies come to me for?

A simple plan to get started straight away (so they don’t have to worry about what and when to eat) and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want.

Which is what you get in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

Apply For A Free 7-Day Trial HERE​​​​ 

^^^ this starts Monday 30th July (and we only have 5 spaces)​​


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