‘How do I fit it in?’ 😉

It’s mad Monday today. Like every Monday. Where you’re probably thinking ‘how do I do everything I need to do”

Too much to do and not enough time. Work and all this other stuff like family, social life, healthy food, getting enough sleep and now exercise?

Overwhelming, right?

Because you’re thinking that if work goes? You feel you let your team down. If you’re not there all the time for your family? You let them down. No social life? You let your friends down. 

It’s exhausting. 

So, here’s a quick strategy to overcome it:

1: Remember that the issue here probably isn’t the ‘not fitting everything in’, but rather the way you think you SHOULD have to fit it all in

2: Go through your week (168 hours). Can you commit just 6 minutes to a workout to get started (maybe try this one: www.frucifit.com/free-meal-plan-shopping-list/)?

3: Match your expectations to your reality

Expectations ———————– Reality

^ I’m going to                            ^ I have a holiday, long days at work, a wedding to go to
lose a stone in a

My point here?

Setting yourself the target of losing a stone is all good. 

But beating yourself up for not hitting, will achieve what?

After all, even if you lose a few lbs or half a stone? Maybe some inches from your waistline.

You still have an OUTCOME. You did something.

Rememeber that any action is better than no action, especially if you’re not happy where you are right now. And if you fail? Well, learn from it. What worked? What didn’t?

That  way, it’s not failure. You’re closer to where you want to be because you know what worked and what didn’t at that time in your life. ​​

But I get it. Sometimes it ‘feels’ easier to stay where you are. It’s easy to mistaken ‘happiness’ for staying stuck and comfortable.

Now, I’m not promising you’ll have a bikini body and be in the best shape of your life in a week…

but at least you’ll have more momentum than you have right now and be closer to where you want to be.

If the results of the other ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme are anything to go by.

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