The Simple Guide To Eating Out

We all love a meal out or a takeaway, right? In fact, me and Mrs Fruci got in quite the habit of curry night on a Friday.

To the extent that I'm now actually a bit bored of curry? Which I never thought would happen. Although I have learnt to say 'never say never'

I mean, strange things happen: I'm married. You can eat avocados and lose fat. I've got a daughter. You can eat sugar and lose weight. Your weight can stay the same or even go up even though you have lost body fat...

Life is crazy.

But anyway, I always say to my clients that ideally - to get the best results - you probably want to be eating out no more than once a week.

I mean, you CAN eat more often. And I always do personalise it for your lifestyle as I CANNOT say anything if you are getting results and are happy 🙂

But, it is difficult to know EXACTLY what they put in your food. I mean, even an innocent salad can end up higher in calories than a Big Mac...(even if it 'looked' healthy)

After all, they don't really care about your waistline...they just want you to enjoy your meal.

So, if you do eat out more than once per week? Or Just want some tips on eating out?

I've put together A Simple Guide To Eating Out with 10 strategies for you. 

You can get it by clicking below and letting me know where you want me to send it to. I've done an 'image' version you can save on your phone and a pdf version that you can print if you like:

Matt 'never say never' Fruci

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