How Julie Lost 21lbs and Transformed Her Body Shape & Energy Without Giving Up Her Favourite Foods or spending hours working out

Here’s what Julie said about me last week:

“Before I started, I got to a stage in my life where I put on about two stone. I tried lots of different things, like Weight Watchers. I felt very unhappy with my body shape and the excess weight. 

I’d lost weight and put it back on again and again. So, I was worried about doing something, and then just getting back to square one yet again.
I’ve now lost a total of 21 pounds. My body shape has definitely changed and I can see that. I’ve had three years now where I’ve kept the weight off. I haven’t done that for the last 20 years probably.
I’ve always, always focused on weight and I think one of the things with doing this, it’s helped change the way I do think about things. So it’s not just weight, it’s the body shape, the toning, the lifestyle and the whole sort of mindset focus on what I’m trying to achieve.
It’s helped me stick to it. It’s the encouragement, the motivation, everything that you do, and if I’m sort of struggling a little bit and not feeling like doing something, all of a sudden something, a message, pops up on my phone or my iPad and it’s from you saying, “Hi, how’s things going?” And that just keeps me going.”
Well done, Julie!!

As Julie mentioned. She had tried things before…diets, Slimming clubs and a bunch of different stuff. Like we all have..

Sound familiar? 

Here’s what Julie did differently: 

1- Found a type of diet & food programme that SUITED HER LIFESTYLE 

2- Became accountable to ME and a group of women on the same mission 

3- Did the simple things consistently using our ‘Big Brother’ accountability system which simplifies this health and fitness stuff to just 3 simple tasks a day.

and that’s exactly what we do inside our 4 Week Kickstart Programme (which starts in a couple of weeks).
all for just £3.63 a day 
for more info, just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details.
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