I’ve not been that since I was 18!

So I got this message from Julie last week:

Well done, Julie.

Which brings me to what we’re doing to help you create a TRUE transformation.

For those that finally want to make 2019 the year they finally acheive happiness with their health and fitness.

We’ve added lots of new things to create a supportive environment to help you with this (noted below) but this will only work with your commitment, of course.

One of the most frustrating things that I see everyday from the ladies that first come in to see us

is the feeling of ACCEPTANCE that they cannot change.

Years of perceived ‘failed’ efforts at things like WW, Slimming World, Zumba, Swimming, Gyms, Running – they’ve tried them all and whilst there may been some


The LONG TERM has resulted in rebounds and yoyo-ing…

The thing is, over time it becomes a case of where they accept that this is ‘the hand they were dealt’

But I want to assure you that CHANGE can happen.

And sometimes it’s just convincing yourself.

Going from:

“I’d really love to lose 2-3 dress sizes” or “I’d love to be fitter”


“I WILL lose 2-3 dress sizes”


Reminding yourself that you ONLY fail if you give up…

And I know it’s December and the most ‘indulgent’ month of the year..

(no matter how hard I try…I eat cheese…and too much of it. But I love it and that’s my thing)

But have you ever heard go the DEBITS and CREDIT formula?

You probably have when it comes to accounting – putting the credits in the + column and debits in the – column

As long as you don’t spend more than you earn, then all is good.

Well, we can apply this formula to health and fitness – especially this time of year.

Let’s say you graze a few Quality Streets at work / mince pies / glasses of prosecco / mulled wine

These are added to the credit column – EXTRA calories

But perhaps you then move a little bit more..walk, 5 minute home workouts, or whatever – this is added to the DEBIT column – TAKE CALORIES AWAY

The goal being that the credits do not exceed the debits

So that when you wake up on January 1st 2019, you can start your NEW YEAR health and fitness kick without having to just work off what you have put on in December

(Which is – on average – 7-10 pounds of weight gain in the UK)

Which could actually mean that you get to February in much better shape, in good exercise habits, feeling more energetic and a dress size or 2 less than you are now…

If this sounds like it’s for you?

Well, our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programmes doesn’t officially start again until the first week of January 2019

However, in order to help you this December (with the credit and debit formula) – you can come in for a one to one with me a week of workouts for FREE

✅ Enjoy yourself this Christmas – credits 🍷

Workout 3 times, get some simple home workout challenges (including our advent calendar challenge) – debits 👌

Get fitter and feel good (endorphins) in the process – BONUS 👍

Start your body transformation in January  – with bespoke food and fitness programmes done for you (with your input), daily accountability and home challenges,  support from like-minded ladies), workouts with me, and me on your case to make sure you do the things you know you need to do…)

✅ Be 1-2 dress sizes down by March…

But as Julie said above:

“I may have had to consistently put in the work, adopt new habits & go outside my comfort zone from time to time but it’s been so worth it”

I’d love to help as many ladies in and around the Marlborough / Wiltshire area as possible.

but I do have to restrict numbers due to session numbers – so I am only inviting 8 ladies for this.

Let me know if you think this might be for you.

Happy to have a chat about it to see if I can help you.


PS. here’s some of the results that the ladies have managed to pull off here: https://frucifit.com/results/

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