“I’ve no time to plan my meals”

“What time did you go to bed?”

“Do you eat breakfast?”

“Did you drink water?”

“Did you have a coffee before?”

“Have you practiced in front of the mirror?”

“Have you practiced?”

^^^ these were all things I came across when researching how to overcome nerves of public speaking 

Funny thing,

I was there expecting some big thing I’d have to do .

Like the ONE magic trick…

The quick fix…

When in reality 

It was stuff I already knew but wasn’t doing.

^^ which was as good as not knowing…

The scary part?

They were all things I could do TODAY..

I couldn’t put it off…

Any longer 😧 

And this was SCARY…

I could not really procrastinate practicing in front of a mirror…

Getting to bed on time

Drinking a glass of water…

I could go on…

One of the hardest things to do is 

To get started. 

Mainly because it’s difficult to know where to start.

It’s the same when it comes to fitting back into our favourite clothes, getting fit and back into a “routine” as we say (especially now Summer is over…)

You think you have to 

🤔 plan all your meals 

🤔 cut carbs 

🤔 exercise for an hour 

🤔 drink smoothies 

And sure.

All of the above CAN work. 

But only if you’re ready…

^^ read that again

Like the psychological Dr Peterson says :

“Start where you can start”

With the things you already do everyday…

Like the time you go to bed.

What you have for breakfast…

What you have in your fridge….

All seemingly insignificant things..

Because you do them already …

100s of things you do everyday…

Where you could get 1% better.

And create marginal gains…

what if these were the things that would significantly transform your health, body and fitness?

Because imagine if you change 50 of these tiny decisions

Over a few months?

That’s a significant transformation  🚀🚀

And to think most people won’t even bother changing them?

Waiting for the perfect moment to start


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