Easy sausage casserole…

Like I talk about a lot

As much as I love to plan my meals

And get experimenting.

It is the simple ones which work best

From a point of view of ease (which means it gets done)

To the kids enjoying it

To me enjoying it

And me actually enjoying the easyness of it

And how satisfying meals like this are.

So here you go

Easy sausage & beans casserole recipe 🥘 

✅ Chipolatas (veggie sausages fine too)

✅ 2 chopped carrots

✅ 1 finely chopped potato 

✅ Onions (I used frozen) but fresh chopped 

✅ tin of baked beans 

✅ passata or tin of chopped tomatoes 

✅ stock cube 

✅ Italian herb seasoning 

Serve with peas 👌 

Fry off the sausages, add the carrot, potatoes and onions, fry for a little longer. 

Add everything else, and simmer 👌

Serve with peas on the side (especially if your kids pick out peas 😂)

6 veggies in that meal 👍

Easy peasy

Here is a video of me making it here: https://www.facebook.com/reel/483170230091644?fs=e&s=cl 


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