Picky tea?

As much as I love planning meals ahead

So I don’t have to rush around putting things together

Or worse

End up picking things up on the go at double the price.

I love a picky tea

With all things we have left in the fridge.

Here is one I did the other week

(and similar to what we do quite often)

✅ corn on the cob (straight from freezer) 🌽 

✅ Chicken wings

✅ Houmous and carrot sticks

✅ Halloumi kebabs (ready made…were in reduced section..)

✅ Spanish omelette  (ready made) 

✅ Beetroot (from the jar so I grab it when needed)

✅ sauerkraut (from the jar so can grab it when needed)

This is not about being ‘perfect’

But rather making it EASY and convenient 


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