I’ve failed before so I’ll fail again 

“I’ve failed before so I’ll fail again”

Ever said that?

Me too

But it’s probably no coincidence that this comes with a side effect.

No, I’m talking about the feel good endorphins you get from saying

 “I’ll fail again as I’ve failed before”

^^ this gives you a dopamine hit as it feels nice to justify the fear you have about change. Gives you permission to procrastinate. Permission to put it off without feeling bad. After all, you’ll just fail right? 😉 well of course you’ll fail if you’ve already decided you have. And with this, what would you say to a loved one who said there’s no point because they’ve failed before?

So what side effect am I talking about ?

A stiff neck.

Yep, thinking because you’ve failed before you’ll fail again 

Gives you a stiff neck.

Why? How?

Because you’re only looking ONE way.

At what did NOT work.

If your attention isn’t on what you are doing well?

What is it on? 

Yep, what you are doing rubbish..

How can you expect to feel good if you are focusing on what is rubbish? 

This will create evidence for being rubbish

Yet confirming your beliefs.. 

And because your brain and ego likes to be right?

You’ll choose to fail again.

If you “failed” yesterday, does it mean you will fail today?

We have a choice.  

As even your worst day has best parts.  

even if it is the morning?

Even if it is 4 days of the week you did what you said you would do? 

if you wrote it down, you probably won the week 4 -3 , 4 better days than not .

But you didn’t write it down so let it go easily then we are back to square one. 

Thinking you have failed..

But question:

What if thinking you have succeeded was just as true as thinking you’ve failed?

What would be different about your actions today if you believed you were successful?

Matt “failure?” Fruci

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