It went quiet for 2 minutes …

So I’m sat there..

The kids are playing 

And I sit there 

All smug- 


“Wow, I’ve got this sorted”

As I sit there, reading / writing  a  blog…

But then all of a sudden 

My concentration is interrupted .

By no noise …

Just silence …

“They must be asleep?”

“Right, I best go to check the kids..”

Not in the living room.

Not in the kitchen .

Must be upstairs ?

Still can’t hear anything.


There they are

On the bed 

With white sheets.

Dressing up as dinosaurs 

Using Mrs Fruci’s make up 


Thank you stain remover..

But my point here?

How easily my concentration was broken by silence…

And this brings me to 

Confront eating ..

And when you say things like 

“I just do it, I don’t even know why”

And there are many reasons but here’s 

Some of the reasons which not only the research  points to

But also my experience working with thousands of ladies:

1- you may not be eating enough in the day —> leading us to feeling hungry / deprived and couple that with stress and tiredness and tasty food available on an evening…and it’s going to be tough 

Solution —> get protein at each meal 

2- Journal – grab a pen (most won’t do this)…

what are you craving?

 is it worth it? 

what is the smallest amount you would need to be happily satisfied ? 

most people don’t know…

And if you don’t know what’s going to satisfy you…

Then consider  what feeling you’re actually trying to create when you do it ..

Because if you don’t know 

You’re always going to be disappointed…

3- I just eat at the thought of having to diet – are you trying to diet too aggressively?

Which is meaning you don’t actually start?

And actually means your fast quick fix diet is actually slower 

Than something that may be more doable and sustainable ..

But also consider this

You say you’re depriving yourself 

But don’t forget to also consider what you may be depriving yourself of 

By comfort eating 

Eating when you’re not hungry 

Skipping exercise..

There are always two sides …

Consider both 


And make the choice you are happy with.

That’s it.

Matt “dinosaur” Fruci

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