Struggle to get up in the morning?

“I can only workout early but I struggle to get up”

Sound familiar? 

I get it. 

In fact, only the last few weeks have I noticed that it’s getting that little bit harder to walk or run into the studio than it did just a few weeks ago with the darker, colder mornings.

But the thing is

I just feel sooo much better after I’ve walked in. 

✅ it gives me more “me” time 

✅ I get my steps in 

✅ it’s headspace 

✅ I have more energy for the day 

✅ I’ve got exercise in before anything can take over my day 

✅ that sense of achievement 

✅ I only actually have to get up 20 minutes earlier each day to get my walk in (which also forced me to go to bed 20 minutes earlier the day before and stop scrolling before 📲 )

And it aligns with where I want to be and who I want to be.

And this is my suggestion:

  1. write down all of the benefits you get from doing the workout 
  2. Act based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel (eg. When my alarm goes off, I am warm and cosy. That’s how I currently feel. If I act based on how I feel now? I’ll stay in bed. If I act based on how I want to feel (all of the above eg sense of achievement, fitter, stronger, happier, more energy) it helps me make a choice I really want to make 

And that’s the key thing..

I want you to open up your mind to both options here 

And then make the choice you want to make… 

Matt-er of fact- Fruci

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