Is this what you want?

When chatting with ladies in meetings about my programmes

The same thing comes up time and time again

About what you want

Now, of course, you want your health

You want to avoid taking medications

Relieve stress

Avoid diabetes

Get pregnant (or maybe not…)

But these are all second to….

Improving your relationships

^^^ Impressing the other half

Feeling more confident

Be it in the workplace / going for promotions, talking to friends, and even going to Kidz About and getting stuck in

Or – as one member put it to me this week –

To be able to go on holiday and not feel conscious about going swimming with my little one

Fit into your favourite clothes

Have more energy 

And look good

And I don’t blame you

It’s actually human nature to want to look and feel good about yourself

So what do you do to try and make this happen?

Crash diets

Exercise classes

And treadmills

Now, this is all well and good

In fact – for WEIGHT loss – this is GREAT

but for looking good?

To lose FAT?

for toning up?

Which is what you say you want…

(And this is my bias coming in here)…

Getting stronger and keeping muscle is vital

It keeps your metabolism HIGHER so you burn more calories when resting 

And are less likely to hit slow periods of FAT loss

It makes things fun and more sustainable 

As you notice every day tasks like climbing hills

Or carrying kids up hills

^^^ As Mel mentioned to me last week

Become easier

And all this can be done with ZERO gym equipment

So you can do it any time…

Any where 

Which means you’re more likely to do it

Because theres’ no excuses not to :-)))

^^^ Especially when everything can be adapted for YOU 

Because ultimatley 

This toning up stuff comes down to progress

it’s YOU vs YOU

And once you start seeing changes

Build that momentum 

Well, the rest is history

Just like some of the ladies over here who’ve been using the tactics I use in my 12-week Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Challenge


PS. If you’re NOT willing to commit about 3 hours out of your 168 hour week for workouts, eating, and planning then my 12 -week Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Challenge is NOT for you

If you’re ready to commit just apply below

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