Is that your stomach rumbling?


At 8pm…

Even after eating your Chicken Tikka?

^^^ This was me at the weekend.

You see, I’d already eaten

But felt like I wanted more.

Was I hungry?

Was my stomach grumbling?

^^^ Which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hungry by the way

Of course, not.

I just WANTED something

Because I thought it would make me feel better.

And it is as simple as that.

I had a long day

Was a bit sleep deprived

And was about to sit down before going to bed (yes, I know. One wild Saturday night!)

But here’s the thing:

I often get asked what’s good to nibble on late at night.

and my answer is something along the lines of:

“anything you like as long as you’re controlling your overall intake, be it some Milk Chocolate Buttons, Haribo, homemade pitta bread crisps (chuck some Dorito shaped pitta breads in the oven with salt, pepper and paprika, nuts, or some 10 minute pancakes, like these:”

But my question is this…

why are you eating?

Are you tired?



Feeling emotional?

What’s missing?

And what is eating going to do for you?

You see, a recent study found that individuals who unknowingly ate soup out of self-REFILLING bowls

Ate MORE than those who ate soup out of normal bowls


Despite eating more, they reported that they were no more satisfied or ‘full up’…

Which not only opens up a can of worms about portion sizes and the fact our plates no longer have rims and are twice as big…

But also the fact that sometimes you might be eating because ‘it’s there’

Rather than actually being hungry.

and the thing is, when you’re busy and a bit tired…

You might end up saying ‘F’ it and going to town on the Malted Milk biscuits (they never used to let me down)

^^^ And blaming the old willpower

Which brings me to my 3 simple, yet effective tips to help you to stop blaming willpower for the copious amounts of wrappers you find in your dressing gown pocket on a Sunday morning…

That I’ll be sharing with your tomorrow. 

Best wishes,


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