How to beat self sabotaging thoughts

I’ve never played such a serious¬†game of… bingo!

So, me and Mrs Fruci had a rare opportunity to have a night to ourselves not too long ago whilst away in Devon.

The in-laws had our daughter and – in true rock n roll style – we ventured out to a little holiday party and actually had a right (stressful) laugh playing bingo…

Stressful because of how quickly they were reeling off the numbers. Never seen nothing like it. And if you missed the number to call bingo on? It didn’t count.

There was none of that “6 and 6 clickety click” stuff ūüėČ

What made matters worse was that I had 4 different colour cards. I couldn’t keep up. I spent a tenner on tickets and for all I know? I may have actually won but just not have known¬†😂😂

I’ve only ever played bingo in a kids hotel (where I met Mrs Fruci) where you had 1 card, 1 colour and numbers called out nice and slowly (so can actually keep up lol)

Based on my experience of the past? This is how bingo ‘should’ be played.

Now, I know this is only bingo…

But somewhere, deep inside this blog, is a message that I’m going to try and somehow relate to life, fitness, mindset and that illusive thing called ‘happiness’ (which we all strive for…)

Because what we think about stuff and Рas a result Рdo can be based on the past. Which is just an illusion that MAY have zero relevance to right now. 

You see, some of the ladies come to me saying:

“I have no willpower”

“I have no motivation”

But what if your self-identity has nothing do with who you REALLY are and was only related to who you THINK you are?

What if having no willpower was simply based on a way of thinking that means you ‘think’ you have to join a gym, exercise for hours, eat nothing salad?

^^^ Which creates a fearful, scary future.

And what if having no motivation is the result of overwhelm because you think you have to do all of the above and you forget WHY you are actually do this?

I don’t know how this blog has become so deep…given that I started by talking about bingo lol

But my point is that no matter how small the step is? It is still a step. Which over time? Will get you closer to where you want to be.

And if you’re wondering where to start?

Pick just ONE thing from the Food, Fitness and Focus sections in my 37 rules list below and master them this week:

Here’s 37 rules pick from:

Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

PS. Put yourself first. It might seem selfish. But without your health, are you any good to anyone?

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