If Chicken Tikka Masala Was a Fat Loss Supplement?

If Chicken Tikka Masala Was a Fat Loss Supplement...

​If you know me well, you'd have probably shared a curry with me. It's my favourite food and something I'm not going to give up...ever...

Even if it's "fattening" as they say...

But is it?

What if Chicken Tikka Masala was actually a fat loss supplement?*

*as part of a balanced diet (as they say)​

What would it look like if you replaced a "fat burning" supplement with "chicken tikka masala"?

Just like this >>>>​ 

What is Chicken Tikka Masala?

Our chicken tikka masala is a delicious high protein meal combined with low GI (Glycaemic Index) carbohydrates such as basmati rice specially formulated to support your high protein diet.

What Does Chicken Tikka Masala Do?​

Chicken Tikka Masala is an advanced high protein meal that will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean mass.

Chicken Tikka Masala delivers OVER 20 g of high quality proteins which can be easily digested and absorbed into the body. Chicken Tikka Masala, also supplies a beneficial blend of ingredients including: the fat burners capsicum.

The added basmati rice is a healthy source of low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates providing a sustained energy release which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The low GI of the rice combined with the protein and fats contribute to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after it is consumed.

Who is Chicken Tikka Masala For?

Chicken tikka masala is ideal for anyone taking part in intense, physical exercise looking to increase daily protein intake.

Chicken tikka masala is recommended for anyone looking to lose weight, reduce body fat levels but maintain or increase lean mass. It is advised to consume chicken tikka masala throughout the day to increase daily protein intake or before/after a workout as a source of protein.

Here's how you might use it:

Alex wants to lose fat and get lean. Using The FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit, he knows that to start losing fat he needs to consumes between 2000-2200 calories per day...

This equates to:

160-180g of protein

60-70g of fat

200-220g of carbs

So how does this look in real food?


Turkey and spinach omelette

1 orange

45g protein, 8g of fat, 21g carbs, 336 calories


Tuna sandwich with 2 slices of bread (with light mayo, onion, mustard and olive oil, parsley and cucumber)

53g protein, 17g fat, 46g carbs, 549 calories


Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice and a glass of red wine

Protein 40g, fat 20g, carbs 60g, calories 700 (including glass of red)


Chocolate whey protein mixed with low fat Greek yogurt, blueberries, oats, cinnamon, mixed nuts, and cocoa powder.

40g protein, 15g fat, 60g carbs, 535 calories


178g protein, 60g fat, 187g carbs, 120 calories from the vino, 2120 TOTAL calories

So get your "fat burning" spicy, capsicum loaded, chicken tikka masala now!

Speak soon


PS. If you're wondering where to get this from, check out The Palm near Marlborough

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