3 Quick Tips For Eating On The Go.

3 Quick Tips For Eating On The Go

This ones for those busy weeks. You're snowed under with work but still want to keep on track with your nutrition...so you have more energy, perform better, and get lean!

1. Look for foods high in protein when out and about


It's more filling that carbs and fats

​It'll help ensure you hit the amount of protein you need to maximise recovery and muscle building despite your busy

It's important for your immune system so can prevent you getting run down


Grab some pre-packed / rotisserie chicken from a supermarket...cheap and high in protein

Have high protein snacks, like nuts and seeds handy​ (count your fats though)

Whey protein powder is easy to pack and commute with

2. Prep some food on a Sunday

This can give you a head start for the week.

Cook a bit more for your Sunday lunch and store it in the fridge. I often have enough to last me until Tuesday / Wednesday.  


You've got left over roast chicken from the Sunday dinner. Put some in a wrap, chuck some red onion, peppers, salsa, spinach and some balsamic vinegar in with it and wrap it up in some foil...

At least then, you've got one meal that you've prepped for the next day...making you less likely to grab anything and everything when you're starving and on the go...

​3. Eat a BIG or a SMALL meal before you leave...

​There's no right or wrong answer here.

You could​:

A) Eat a big breakfast to prevent you snacking and wanting food on the go


B) Eat ​a smaller breakfast / skip breakfast and save some calories for later to allow you to pick and choose what you want later..perhaps you have a work lunch? A social event later? 

But this all comes back to THIS >>>​

Understanding how much you're eating...and eat what you want to fit your needs

Use The FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit to know exactly how much you need to eat lose fat and get lean...

Then simply use the targets as a goal...adjust...and get lean.

No Stress

No "banned" foods


Speak soon


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*Based on scientific principles. No BS.

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