How to get your baby to sleep in 43 seconds…

“You’ll be worrying about ever having to leave them at nursery next, Matt, if you’re anything like me”

Are they being looked after properly?

Does this make me a bad parent?

Which school is the best for my child?

Are they developing OK?

Why don’t they want to go to school today? Are they being bullied?

Is their lunchbox healthy enough?

And before you know it?

They’ll be at off in the big, wide world and you’ll be chasing them for a big hug…

And stressing about just how many Jager Bombs they drank at the party last night…

^^^ A chat I was having with a member on my body transformation programme

But -for now – as a newbie to this parenting game

I’m focussing on getting baby Ottilie to sleep

And I’ve got my 100% surefire HACK that will send her to sleep in 43 seconds…

^^^ Even when she is teething

But first….

Here’s the longer, boring, pretty simple and tedious way I got her to sleep the other night:

1) She has a bubbly bath to wind down and relax after a hard day looking after everyone else but herself 😉 all that pooing, sleeping and eating is hard work

2) She has a little massage, a good go at rolling over (until she finds that thumb), and then gets into her all-in-one duvet thing which looks like THE most comfortable thing in the world!

^^^ I may be singing ‘there 10 in the bed and the little one said roll over….roll over…’

3) The light’s are turned down / off and she has a good feed <<< I’m guessing she feels like me and you do after Christmas lunch…

4) I rock her to sleep (in the dark) whilst walking up and down the hallway (getting my 10,000 steps in)

blasting out white noise (if you never used this…why not?) and singing: ‘sunshine my only sunshine…” (it’s one of the only songs I can sing without making up half of the lyrics) about 60,794 times

5) I place her down into her little bed thing (a dad’s way of saying a cot but it’s not quite a cot)…still singing and leave my hand on her chest

6) I then SLOWLY release my hand (still singing ‘sunshine my only sunshine’) and then leave her with the rest of white noise…

Whilst I go and deal with a crying labrador who’s also hungry and needs a stroke and more FOOD before sleeping

Anyway, here’s the QUICK, PROVEN, 43-second HACK that get’s baby to sleep 120% of the time….

loading…still loading…YEP, it doesn’t exist…

^^^ Even if Dr Google says it does

And you know this already, right?

And it’s a bit like the problem with a lot of these shake and ‘detox’ diets

^^^ Which should be offering you FREE Dioralyte with their stuff…

And those diets telling you to cut out sugar (forgetting that natural sugar is still sugar…)

Oh, and those ‘cookie-cutter’ diets that say you HAVE to eat no carbs after 6pm and swap your Hovis Soft White…

For brown bread with seeds to lose weight…

And these are just SOME of the myths I’m going to busting TONIGHT at 1830 – 1930 in our FREE seminar

At Marlborough Golf Club

I’ve got 1 space if you want to level up your energy, stop stressing about whether this is ‘healthy enough for me‘ and learn the tips and tricks that have been behind the body transformations that members on my Fat Loss Mastery have achieved…

Including, Cassie, who’ll be sharing her story ‘in-person’ to hopefully inspire you to do the things that will give you the things you say you want

Oh, and many of the other Fat Loss Mastery will be there, too

Go here to claim the last spot:

Matt ‘last chance’ Fruci

PS. I’m off to crush this procrastination mode I’m in and add the extra bits that keep coming into my ‘crazy’ head for tonight…

Maybe you should do the same…

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