How Important Are Genetics For Toning Up?

I got a question the other day from a lady asking whether her genetics could stop her losing weight and toning up. She had an image of someone she wanted to look like and wondered if it was possible for her, especially as her and one of her sisters “look at cake and get fat” whereas others seem to be able to eat what they want.

Now, of course, genetics will impact your weight loss. I mean, it makes a difference with our risk of diseases, like cancer, so it would be naive to say genetics makes zero difference.

But here’s the thing….right now, there’s nothing  you can do about your genetics…Despite what they tell you in those DNA tests. Which is usually something along the lines of: 

​​​​ “Your genetics say you should eat more vegetables, move more, avoid [insert 1000 foods you love here] and eat only “natural” foods”

^^^ whatever ‘natural’ means..​​​​​​

Which – of course – leaves you feeling STRESSED and overwhelmed. And what happens? We do nothing.

And it’s why I want you to shift your mindset to focus on “optimising what you CAN”. Your cards have been dealt, but how you play them is up to YOU! You are in 100% control of this part.

I mean, one thing I’ve noticed is that those who struggle to lose weight are often the most stressed about what they “believe” they can or can’t eat, “believe” is the best time to eat, ‘believe’ is the best exercise , or “believe” it has to be “all or nothing”…

What if the actual stress of worrying about avoiding so-called “bad” foods was the reason you were struggling to lose weight?

The stress of thinking that all of your food has to be “natural” (whatever “natural” means. I mean, sugar is “natural”. Mushrooms are “natural”…and I’m not talking about Waitrose Exotic Shiitake mushrooms…).

What if the hormones released from being so stressed about your beliefs about what’s “good” and “bad” were stopping you from getting your body back and – dare I say it – having a bit of fun in the process?

^^ Maybe that the problem?

Matt “genetically modified” Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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