The secret to eating, drinking and shrinking?

I would put some chicken, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and avocado on my 7 month old daughter’s plate.  She’d look at it, pick up some chicken. Then get distracted by the cheese. Drop the chicken (which my dog would clear up without asking…). Then throw the cheese. Then pick up the pepper…

Although this was great for my dog, I wondered what would happen if I just gave Ottilie one food at a time to ‘play with’…And guess what? She just picked up, played around with it, and ate it…EVEN BROCCOLI <<< read that again. 

And it’s similar in this dieting and toning up game. You see, they’ll you that you have to cut out white bread, ditch the carbs after 6pm, eat breakfast before 8am to avoid your body going into starvations mode, and spend hours in a sweaty gym to get your body back and fit back into your favourite clothes.

^^^ But this is the problem. It’s so overwhelming that you DO NOTHING… so nothing changes. 

And it’s exactly why focus on adding in ONE habit at a time in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. So you can build your confidence, prove to yourself that you CAN do this, and use this it have the courage to continue and get the transformation results that you want WITHOUT feel overwhelmed or blaming your willpower…

Because once that momentum builds? You’re unstoppable. 

Why is it that we never apply logical, common sense to this toning up game?

Task or you right now:

Write down your name using your ‘wrong hand’…

^^ Do IT NOW

I guarantee that you do it really slowly because you don’t feel as confident (yet) as you do with your strong hand. It’s a bit like learning to ride your bike

You don’t just jump on the bike and go. You start slowly and progress. And I’m guilty of rushing things, too. I mean, just the other week I went straight into a pretty unstable kayak with very little warming up and – surprise, surprise – I got wet and cold…

Since then?

I’ve decided to build my confidence using different boats. The results? I’m more confident and going further than ever.

My point?

Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. 1>0 and if you do this everyday?

Well, that’s when the magic happens. 

Just like Fat Loss Mastery member, Karen, mentioned last week:

“It works, I’m wearing smaller clothes, I’m toned,it’s just a matter of faith in yourself and Matt


Join my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation and I’ll teach you exactly how you can do all of this………and all without ditching the carbs after 6pm or spending hours in a sweaty, intimidating gym 
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