Jailed for prescribing ‘miracle’ diet

Ever heard of the alkaline diet?


“The pH Miracle”?

It was popularised by celebs like Kate Hudson

^^^ she’s in Bride Wars and How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days (I have great taste, I know)

The diet is based on the “miracle” idea that certain foods 

^^^ like meat, sugar and wheat

Make your body too acidic 

^^^ causing diseases like cancer, muscle loss, back pain, bone loss etc.

Well anyway, Robert Young (the creator of the diet)

Now faces 3 years in prison

Apparently, he charged $77,000 for his miracle treatment that would make your body more alkaline 

One women battling breast cancer paid $77,000 for a treatment predominantly based on sodium bicarbonate 

^^^ Yes, the same sodium bicarbonate on special off in Waitrose for 86p

Another women was given sodium bicarbonate drips for $550 each

Young is facing EVEN more charges after advising a patient to go against having medical treatment.

Now, yes, certain foods can be “acidic”

Certain foods can cause inflammation. 

^^^ if you have an allergy or an intolerance 

But guess what?

You don’t just eat food

You eat meals, right?

You combine foods

Meats, veggies, potatoes, rice, bread, fruit, pasta, milk, eggs etc…

To make them tasty.

To save time so all of your family eat together, are nourished and full of energy to be happy and productive with your days and have a restful night’s sleep

^^ And THIS creates a neutral pH (particularly veggies)

But what’s even more annoying about these “diet gurus” is that their “miracle” ideas are based on complete nonsense

Even if you do ONLY eat “acidic” foods 

Your kidneys work that bit harder 

And your pH levels stay pretty much the same.

^^^ It’s a bit like say ‘don’t run too fast as you’ll make your lungs work harder’

Now, don’t get me wrong, telling someone to eat more “alkaline” foods could help you get slim and lose weight

After all, it basically says eat more veggies 

But to say that certain foods are causing x, y and z diseases

To make you fear “bad” foods

Develop anxiety around social events through becoming scared of “acidic” foods

^^ as was reported by someone following the diet 

Is NOT healthy

And is actually pretty stressful 

Which in turn, might just make you gain weight and lose sleep

Because we know that it’s not actually the diet itself that dictates whether you ditch the love handles for good 

But rather…how you respond to it

Can you stick to it?

Is it draining your willpower so much that you binge at the weekend and offset all of your hard work leaving you at the old:

“Diet starts Monday” stage every week?

And it’s exactly why I promise just ONE thing in my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme:

To make things so simple for you (Not easy)

That you can’t fail

And this means (as long as you want it and can tolerate it):



Rocky Roads



But also…





I could go on

So you can stop stressing about what to eat and when to eat

Spend more time stressing about your kids semi final football match this Sunday

^^^ as body transformation member, Laura, recently mentioned to me (it seems we always have to stress about something, right?)

And feel more confident in your favourite clothes.

Apply here for your free tone up challenge on my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme:


Matt “qualified miracle worker and nutritionololoygyst” Fruci

PS. Sodium bicarbonate is 20% off in Waitrose for 86p 

PPS. But if you’re not into your sodium bicarbonate ​​, go here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

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