I’m scared…

Probably the reason why 2 people.

With exactly the same tools.

In (pretty much) identical situations...

Can achieve such different results.


^^^ Something that holds us back.

The difference between DOING and getting what we want

And spectating and complaining about the those who have what you want (a bit like when small dogs bark at big dogs...they're scared!!)

But what actually is FEAR?

Well, it's pretty much us believing our own thoughts...

Not knowing that thoughts are just


Nothing more.

And you don't HAVE to believe them or do as they say

^^^ If we did, I'd pick up a Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie every time I order my Americano in Starbucks...

And it's these thoughts that stop us getting what we want.

NOT laziness...

In fact, dieters work bloody hard!

Counting points, avoiding syns, and binging on 'free foods' takes a lot of willpower to stick to (especially when you don't know why you haven't lost weight even though you stuck to the diet...)

^^^ it's hard work!

But we go round in circles.

Lose some weight ---> binge --> feel rubbish ---> get back on the bandwagon ---> REPEAT

But is this because of a lack of knowledge?

Or is it because you're scared of what will change?

Are we addicted to our current 'comfortable' situation?

We lie to ourselves and talk ourselves out of it doing what we HAVE to do to get where we WANT to be?

So we stay 'comfortable'!

A bit like me and my fear of public speaking at university.

Seeming confident with friends and family...

No one would imagine that when I stand up and present my research in a lecture theatre

That I'd FREEZE!

Red in the face, hands trembling, dry mouth, and dripping with sweat...


Believing that I wasn't good enough or didn't know enough to be where I was...

I knew I had to work on this or wouldn't be able to share my knowledge or do what I do today.

But I knew this would take some 'WORK'

So I ignored it.

Put it off.

Comfortably telling myself lies so I feel better.

Until I was smacked by the truth.

My lecturer asked what exactly I wanted to do...

Why I'm research and studying?

'Because if you want to get out in the big, bad world and spread your message then you have to be able to communicate this and SPEAK!'

And all of a sudden, you wake up!!

Instead of believing the lies...

A bit like when I heard that I could die when battling an eating disorder...if I carried on the way I was!!

So what I'm leading up to is this:

Understand exactly what it is you want

And ask yourself why are you not there

What are you scared of?

And you'll probably realise that the only thing stopping you is


Which is exactly why a body transformation programme shouldn't separate psychology from physiology!!

Speak soon,


PS. That counter at Starbucks just keeps getting more tempting...

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