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Dark, rainy mornings getting you done? Try this

What a wet weekend.

I had the kids on all day Saturday as Mrs Fruci was working

And I’ll be honest, I had all these great intentions to take them out

But literally no motivation to get them ready..

And brave the rain..

I feel a bit guilty talking about this.

Like I should always be super motivated to be the “best dad” and cherish every moment.

But I was pretty tired, too

Which makes everything harder, right?

Throw in the dark mornings 


The “I don’t want wellies”

“I don’t want a coat on”

And it’s easy to sometimes think 

“Let’s just have a relaxing day at home”

And that was my plan.

Initially, it felt good to say that

I didn’t need to get them ready.

I could relax and have a chill

But as the day went on…

4 wall syndrome set in.

There’s only so much Lego, painting and watching of Aladdin you can do 

Before you get a bit fed up..

I could see they needed a change of environment..

So we braved it…

And despite lacking in much patience during the:

“I want to go to the park”

“I don’t want wellies”

“I don’t want a coat”

Toddler “tantrums “

We got out

Splashed in puddles

Had a laugh 

What a difference.

And I keep having to remind myself of this.

That as nice and comforting as it feels to put off one challenge?

There’s always another alternative challenge that’ll you need to face.

And it’s the same with finding the motivation to exercise and eat well

Especially during these darker, wet mornings and evenings. 

It seems easier and comforting – in the moment – not to do it.

I get it .

So I wanted to share one question that has helped Fiona lose over 2 stone during these tough times 

Here’s what she said:

Particularly proud that I’ve managed to keep going with early morning classes and running despite the horrid weather and challenge of motivation. 

 the whole it’s actually easier to just do it than not to do it, both in the current time more importantly in the future. That kept me going today in the rain!! Thanks Matt 👍

Well done, Fiona!

After all, there’s going to be a challenge anyway.

So you may as well at least choose the challenge you face 

Rather than have to go through the challenges that are inevitable…

And my question for you today is this:

As challenging as it is to do it, what are the challenges you face by not doing it?

With your health?

Costs of your eating habits – financially, too. We forget that eating when you’re not hungry, binge eating and drinking does have a cost 

The clothes you wear?


How you feel with your fitness and the things you say “yes” to?

How you talk to yourself?

And when I ask myself this…

It becomes very clear on what’s more challenging…

And allows us to wake up the part of the brain which allows us to make a more rationale choice…

I can’t say it will work for you..

But I can say

It 100% won’t work if you don’t do it.

And most people won’t.

That’s why we do what we with our 28 Day Kickstart..

To get you to do the things you know you need to do.

And today is the start of our October Kickstart 

We have a flexible start date if you want to Start later this week.

Message me with “28 Day” if you’d like more info. 

Matt “I don’t want wellies on” Fruci