I’m good at doing it for everyone else

“So I am doing it for him and others just not very good with myself! I know I have willpower but not when I have too much going on“

This is something I get a lot from ladies I work with on our Fit For Life programme.

Work, making sure food is in, you have a social life, emails and getting the family sorted.

You do the best you can. 

Make ‘healthy’ choices where you can.

But I get it’s difficult. You have people relying on YOU. 

And you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do this. 

After all, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, right?

I mean, it doesn’t help that guys are pretty forgetful creatures, 

often forgetting to do the little jobs like taking the bins out on your way out and

 shutting cupboard doors in the kitchen after eating and drinking

^^^ Mrs Fruci will back me up on this

But here’s a few things I want you to consider:

1)If you’re not willing to do the things you need to do to get the results you want, 

does this mean that you’d just rather stay the same? Feel the same? With your energy? Body? Relationship with food?

And it is OK if you do.

but if you don’t?

Consider that as hard and painful as it may seem sometimes to make healthy changes that you know you should do, 

how painful is it to stay the same 12 months on from now? 

Still wondering and wishing you’d done something earlier? 

After all, the most effective way to do it is to do it…

2) You eat 3 times a day to give your body energy it needs. You shower to clean your body…

yet what do you do to clear your brain? Clean your brain to give it energy? 

After all, the things you DO are based on beliefs that you hold to be true…

If you’re not creating some space in your day, even for 5 minutes….

(Try using an app like Headspace / Insight Timer)

How do you expect think clearly to help you respond to situations rather than REACT, REACT, REACT?

After all, how may times have you said or done something in  a bad mood that you wished you never did? Hours of worrying and stressing? 

Even though ‘what will be, will be”

 and the stress and worry only grows if you OVERTHINK and attach feelings to it….

As they say:

Overthinking = Underdoing

So, where are you overthinking on something? Attaching feelings to something and making it into a thing? Wasting energy on something that only exists in your head?


The future!!

Sure, it can be scary if you let the gorilla part of your brain take over.

“What if I fail?”

“Can I cope?”

“What if I can’t fit it in?”

But – technically – you’re just hallucinating…

As these things that you say might happen in the future do NOT exist…

​​​​and guess what?

When you’re in this state, the only thing your brain focuses on is why you canNOT do the things you know you need to do…

Which will leave you in the same position as you are now…

So my advice to you today?

Never stop prioritising you..

Even if you start by doing ONE thing for you each day

Be it having a bath, reading a book 

Or whatever makes you feel good..

As how you feel impacts what you do and what you do impacts your results..

Which is why I hold you accountable to self care in our 4 Week Kickstart Coaching Programme  

Matt “overthinking = underdoing” Fruci 


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