Not just another motivational quote for Rayne

I get that life is busy

And sometimes you just feel like you don’t even get 2 minutes for you…

I’m big on this because I actually enjoy my ‘alone’ time…

It’s space for me to think..

But with 2 kids, ‘work’, and one friend (or two)

‘me’ time can be difficult to find…

And I notice if I don’t do this…

Overwhelmed, not present, rushing around, and – almost – resenting the things I actually LOVE in life..

Scary, actually. 

So here’s what I do:

I structure in a ‘golden hour’ where I take care of my MICRO goals aka daily habits,

Basically, instead of waking up at the LATEST TIME possible that allows me to get up and get to work?

I get up one hour earlier…

To do some reading, deep breathing, a workout, maybe some meditation, write a blog (like this)…

Now, I don’t do this all of the time..

Sometimes I end up working late, albeit in an unproductive manner…

And I don’t do this…(and try not to beat myself up about it…)

What do I find?

Well, I get a lot less done on the evening, don’t socialise with friends or family on an evening as I am working and then I am rushing around all day…

And I actually feel more exhausted…

And more overwhelmed…

Kind of just like I am running around putting out fires..

And it’s the same with this weight loss and fitness stuff…

You’ve got a million motivational quotes online that

Get people up and so pumped up to get started

Jumping up and down like a hyperactive Jack Russell

(I used to be so scared of them…ran away from a bout 20 as a kid and then crashed to the floor and they all licked me for 5 minutes, as I cried on the floor shouting ‘they are biting me’)

That they take on massive goals 

Which are blooming overwhelming…

And when life gets in the way (as I spoke about above)

It’s difficult to maintain..

Which is why instead of relying on motivational quotes and 

The ‘all or nothing’ mindset..

I advice that you break this down into MICRO goals


Small, daily habits..

Just like Rayne did, focussing on doing her walks, three 30 minute sessions  with a week (be it online or with me in person, and developing a more positive relationship with food…

Check out her 6 week check in:

“18.5cm total change (a massive 7cm off chest and 5cm off waist) so over the moon. 

Feeling fitter and stronger every day, and I find myself standing taller, my posture is improving. 

This also means my lower back, which used to feel like I couldn’t twist or bend, now feels so much more mobile. 

I am eating much healthier meals and thoroughly enjoying every mouthful too. Drinking loads of water gives me energy and keeps my brain clear and sharp.

My mental attitude is also changing, in that I feel that it is important to make time for me. 

Making the decision to sign up to the walk a million steps challenge was a biggie for me, and if I can raise some money for the diabetic charity as well, all the better. 

I cannot thank you enough for enabling this total change to my life.  

Coming to terms with my illness caused me to feel like my future was getting increasingly bigger as I couldn’t move until finally I would be back in the wheelchair  but now I can see a brighter future for myself. 

One where I’m fitter and healthier. Thank you Matt.

Have a great weekend and see you for Tuesday’s class.”

Well done, Rayne…

All from small, daily habits

Which – as I say everyday – have a compound effect

Not just for your weight loss

But your joints, mobility, mindset, how you feel, eating habits..

I could go on..

This isn’t just a fitness and food thing…

As Rayne said…

Nothing she did is magic…

Anyone can do it..

Rayne wanted to

And her story is inspirational 

That is why I am sharing it with you today



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