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3 Questions to change the way you feel

It’s no secret that how you feel impacts what you DO…

And what you do (aka your actions) 

Are essentially votes for the type of person or role model you wish to become.

And something I keep saying to the ladies inside our kickstart habit programme (which starts today)

(Message me with “habits” if you’d like more info)

Is just how much we are a slave to our habits…

It’s believed that 95% of our actions are based on your habits.

Habits based on your beliefs..

Which – worryingly – may not even be true.

In fact, one study using Public Health data showed that people who reported high levels of stress

Had a 43% increased risk of death but only if they BELIEVED that the stress was bad for their health..

The ones that reported high levels of stress but did not believe that stress was “bad” for them…

Had the lowest risk of death…

Crazy, right?

That just the belief that stress is  bad contributed to 182,000 deaths according to this study.…

So what can we do about this?

Well, although you’re a slave to your habits

This is actually a good thing.

Because you get to choose your habits…

(Be sure to choose wisely)

And every time you do something, 

You’re more likely to do it tomorrow as it’ll get easier…

So if you decide that next time you feel “stressed” 

And the response is to eat…

What if you just saw “stress” as a positive thing to tell you that you have a challenge coming?

A challenge that will often lead to a breakthrough?

A new strategy and habit to change the way you look or feel?

Done say “don’t worry about it” as you’ll worry about it..


Take it for what it is…

And in fact, the more you challenge yourself 

The more stress you will attract.

So you could say that 

Success REQUIRES stress?


Here’s 3 questions that you can write down and ask yourself TODAY 

To challenge your habits and create nee, positive ones:

  1. How are you feeling now? Write it down. Then, write down the feeling you want to create 
  2. What are you willing to do to create that feeling today?
  3. When will you do it?

Most people won’t do this…

But like I said,

It’s because at the start 

It’s hard to do.

But just know that these new, positive, freeing habits which will put you in control 

Will get easier to do..

And that breakthrough you get from doing it

That sense of achievement 

The feeling of being proud of yourself 

Will fill you with confidence 😃💪

And that’s exactly what we are doing with our 28 Day Habit Kickstart starting today (send over a message if you’d like to join in)

To give you the accountability to pretty much do the things you knew you need to do.

This is specifically for ladies 40+.

I’ll leave you with this:

It’s now what you do now and then that makes a difference 

It’s what you do every day…