I’m fed up of these dieting lies

I'm OK with being untruthful and lying to kids about Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, and why dogs sniff each others bums (read the children's story book: The Great Dog Bottom Swap and you'll find out...)

But I'm NOT OK with the lies I see almost every day about what you can or can't eat to lose weight, get fit, and tone up... 

I mean, I'm not going to name names, but I see so-called nutritionists telling you to eat like a 'caveman' and eat nothing but meat and nuts back in 2015..

And now?

They're vegan and telling you to stay away from meat and anything animal based...

You then have those who tell you that NO ONE should eat carbs.

^^^ Which annoys me and almost makes me look like I promote everyone to eat tons and tons of carbs (which I don't)  just to prove a point that you can eat some carbs and lose fat...

No combining certain foods...

Eat according to your blood type..

I could go on...

And I get that it makes  losing weight so complicated. Almost puts you off and makes you feel overwhelmed. 

Now, all of these fancy diets do - in all honesty - is make you eat a bit less. 

And if it works for you, just keep doing it. 

If you find it overwhelming?

Well, you might want to see how simple it can be.

So simple that you might even message me saying 'I know all of this already' << as one of the ladies said to me the other day.

But knowing and not DOING is as good as not knowing <<< Read that again

you see, just the other week, one of the ladies using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System was worried because she hadn't lost any weight for 4 weeks. 

And I get that this is frustrating. 

So, what we did is set her a challenge of taking a picture of everything she ate that week. 

The result?

4lbs off...

Now, obviously I'm not suggesting you do this...forever. But try it. See how it slows you down? Makes you challenge your routine and habits around food. 

See what you learn about yourself. 

Because this is how you can gradually improve your habits and relationship with food so you can lose weight and unwanted body fat without having to really think about it. It just becomes a habit...

And if it's accountability and a simple step by step healthy eating and exercise plan you want to help you do this?

Today is your final chance to apply for the free weeks access to my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System starting tomorrow. 

That's ladies only workouts, home fit workouts, support from like minded ladies, and access to your own Registered Nutritionist

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Matt 'liar liar' Fruci

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