Bread and processed foods linked to cancer?

I've had some interesting questions about the 'ultra-processed' foods and cancer link they were talking about they other day.

They basically said that if you increase the amount of processed foods you eat, like bread, sugary drinks, crisps, soups ready meals and nuggets by 10%...your risk of cancer may increase by 12%...

Now, before you throw the bread out of the house...

Also consider that people who ate these foods were also:

* More likely to smoke

* Less likely to exercise

And - overall - just ate more...

Which meant they tended to carry more fat...

And - for me - all as this has done is made this healthy eating stuff even more confusing. 


Because how do you actually define processed food?

Chopped tomatoes are processed, does that make them unhealthy and fattening?

The researchers also defined bread from supermarket as processed but bread from a bakery as not?

So, lets make this more simple. 

We know that if you eat more processed / high sugar and high fat foods, you are likely to eat more and gain unwanted body fat.

That said, BANNING these foods can often be the reason why you see no results and get frustrated. 

Maybe your weekdays are really healthy and then you 'cheat' on the weekend and blowout (which could mean that you undo a lot of your fat loss across the week)

Could this restict - binge be the issue?

I mean, you are going to get cravings. 

So, you might as well feed them every now and then rather than have your head in the biscuit tin.

Now, that said, it does depend where YOU are on your weight loss journey and with your relationship with food. 

You see, for some of the ladies I work with, not having any 'trigger' foods in the house helps them - at least for now - see results and start to develop positive habits so they can be in control around these foods (which seems to get easier once you give your body the balance of nutrients that helps to keep you full up).

I guess that's where the personalisation comes in to help you build a healthy eating and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle so you can ditch the 101 fad diets for good. 

It's why I suggest that if 80% of your diet comes from whole foods, like lean meats, fish, eggs, veggies, potatoes, beans, fruits, etc. then 20% can come from whatever you want.

It's how my healthy meal makers get you planning your meals for the week.

So you can have more energy, save time, and lose weight in the process.

You can see how they work here

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