Hungry for lunch by 11am everyday? Try this

Losing weight and having more energy without ever feeling hungry would be the result of an ideal diet...

But what if what you THINK you are eating will keep you more full up and beat hunger more than what you are ACTUALLY eating?

Well, a recent study showed that when people were given a LOW calorie drink but told it was HIGH in calories, they lowered their hunger hormones in their body and felt more full up...

So, they essentially: 'tricked themselves slim'...

And this got me thinking about what true hunger actually is...

Do we even know what it is anymore?

It's meant to be a hollow feeling in your stomach, maybe with some rumbles . It's also meant to be gradual. 

So, should you get a sudden urge of hunger? It's probably linked to your emotions OR your environment.

^^^ There's nothing like the smell of bread in a supermarket or the smell of toast to make you hungry. 

But as with all this toning up and weight loss stuff..

It does come to personalising this stuff to you.

Something that a lot of the traditional yoyo diets and slimming clubs just don't get right


Well, I'll tell you why in the form of a dad joke (my daughter has to get used to these):

What can you hold without ever touching it?

A conversation...

Speaking of which, this is how I start all of the ladies who use my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System. 

After all, I'd love there to be ONE diet that works for everyone. But it just doesn't work like that. 

Want to have a chat about how you can kickstart your weight loss and fitness?

I've got 2 spaces left for the free week of personal training and nutrition starting on Monday (including full access to my Shop Up Shift System)

To apply, click below:


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