Should your stomach tell you to stop eating?

I hear – and say – this piece of advice quite a lot to members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme:

 ‘listen to your body’ 

But here’s the thing. What if you misunderstand your body? I mean, for me to admit what I’m about to say is hard. I spend years at university studying food, gut hormones and hunger hormones…YET…it’s becoming pretty evident now that unless you slow down and be mindful of what and how much you are eating? You’ll overeat! No matter how intelligent we think we are. 

Scientists recently gave half of the people self-refilling bowls of soup (they had a tube under the table refilling the bowl) and other people normal bowls of soup. Both groups were OFFERED refills by servers.

And guess what?

Despite everyone getting their bowl refilled, those who had had self-refilling bowls ate 73% more soup!!!

And there’s more:

Despite eating 73% more, their ratings of how ‘full up’ they felt were NO DIFFERENT!

What does this mean for me and you?

Well, when we decide how much we eat, it seems that we decide with our eyes and will pretty much eat what’s there. So, here’s 2 simple tips for you:

1* Portion out your snacks / meals AKA don’t eat out of the packet. Don’t want to do this? Buy the smaller portions. For example, buy smaller tubs of yoghurt. Individually wrapped meat portions (believe it or not, it’s better value for money to buy bulk (and freeze it) from a butcher, who’ll also prepare it how you’d like it, than buy from a supermarket…). 

Because here’s the thing. If you buy the bigger tub of yoghurt…you’ll just eat more. You‘d rather WAIST food than WASTE it, as one member on my body transformation programme put it last week 🙂

2* Don’t buy self-refilling ​​​bowls and plates (apparently our iPhones and Amazon Alexa’s will do this for us soon…)

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