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I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be happy when..

“I’ve lost 3 stone”

“I can do a 5k run”

“I’m fitter”

“I’m stronger”

“I’m exercising everyday”

“My blood sugar levels are better”

“My blood pressure is lower”

^^^ Some common reasons I get from the ladies just starting on our 28 Day Kickstart one to one

And it brings to something that might sound quite deep..

Everything we do, we do it to create some form of ‘happiness’…


Have you ever hit a goal / achieved something (no matter how small)

And still not felt that happy?

Weird, right?

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never compared myself to others…

Thinking “I wish I could do that”…

And – initially – I feel pretty rubbish

But it is only over time..

Where I have got better at actually ‘thinking about my thinking”

And setting MY goals (not someone else’s goals)..

You see, when we set a goal..

^^^ or worse, you don’t have a goal

We sometimes fall in to the trap of:

  1. Basing our goals on someone else’s ideal goals
  2. We compare ourselves to ‘ideal’ results

Now, remember that ‘ideal’ is just an IDEA…

And most of the time,

We don’t even define HOW we will know when we will be there…

We go into this comparison mode…

Comparing ourselves to the best results ever possible

And Instagram and Facebook…

Which is exhausting..

You’ll probably feel like you’re not hitting your goal EVEN THOUGH..

You could be better than were at the start of the year?

You could be better than were at the start of the month?

Better than you were last week?

Better than you were yesterday?

^^ Have you ever stopped and reflected on this?

You see, I did just this week.

And it has made me realised just how far I have come…

Even during lockdown..

Going from just having a small online programme

To a full timetable of 4 live workouts a day from yoga, meditation, core blast, Box n Bums, & No Floor to our Back to Basics workout..

Going from renting space in a hall..

To having our own private space for our ladies only 28 Day Kickstart Programme so we can make sure it is as safe as possible for the ladies to come to our sessions in person if they prefer. 

But before doing this?

I still felt like I wasn’t doing that well.


Because you will never get to where you THINK you should be 

^^^ read that again

Because where I think I should be will always be moving..

Whether that is with your weight 



How far you can walk


I mean, I have never been stronger with regards to bodyweight exercises (with lockdown meaning I just workout in small doses in the house / garden)

Yet, I have to be careful that my thinking doesn’t go into the mode of tracking:


And this is a self-serving habit…

It ‘feels’ nice to sometimes beat myself for not doing something…

Ever do that?

And this is where you HAVE to be able to MEASURE your progress…


You are leaving your happiness in the hands of your imagination…

Which will nearly always

Be looking forwards…

Comparing yourself to this illusive, ‘IDEAL’ result

Comparing yourself to others…

Which can make us feel like rubbish

And potentially give up

Even though

YOU are better than YOU were…

So here’s my tips for you today:

  1. Write down a goal you can measure your progress with  for me right now, I want to do a one handed pull up. It is a big goal for me. The tiny little action I need to do is one set of pull ups daily. So over the next 30 days, I am ticking off each day I do, to get 30/30 as my aim. 
  1. Guarantee progress  the more you do something the better you get. The more you beat yourself up, the better you get. So do the opposite. Try these below:
  1. Write down 3 wins a day (no matter how big or small, what was a win from today? If you’re reading this in the morning, do it for the day before). 3 wins a day, 21 wins a week, 84 wins a MONTH <<< imagine looking back at that this time next month?
  2. Measure against your start point, wherever that point is, be it with your fitness, eating habits, how many times you ate when not hungry etc.


That was a lot of info

Let me know what you have taken from this.

For me?

No matter how much my imagination will make me feel like I should have done more…

I am better than I was at the start of the year

In so many ways..

As a dad

As a coach



Because I have measured less against ‘ideal’ and more against specific goals…

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci