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All or nothing?

Dress head to toe

In a skin tight thick suit

With a big pink board..

^^^ I wanted one with a Unicorn on (I mean my daughter did 😉)

So I went bodyboarding in Cornwall last week (socially distanced in the sea, of course 😉)

No better place than the beach and sea in Cornwall for me.

If there’s ever a place to tire the kids out and have a laugh?

It’s the beach.. 

Now back to the sea…

Every wave that’s coming 

I’m there making a little decision 

As to whether to ride it

Or wait for the next “better” one.

I actually feel myself getting frustrated when I see others ride a wave all the way back to shore that I thought looked rubbish 😂 

It’s even worse if I ride a wave straight away 

and then feel my expectations of the next wave to be exactly the same.

Only for the wave to calm down..

My point?

There’s ups and downs..

A bit like life.

There’s always a negative with a positive 

And a positive and a negative.

Of course, it can be hard to see any positives in some areas of life…

But 99% of our problems actually have positives..

Like sleepless nights because of kids 😃

And NO one can prepare you for it…

When come home with a little bundle of joy..

The moment you have been waiting for…

You never quite understood just how much it changes your life..

I mean, how can something so small have such an impact?

And -I’ll be honest – there was me before our first baby saying

 “it’s just like having a dog, right?”

^^ similar but not quite…dogs (especially Labradors don’t learn so quick haha)

No matter how hard it is sometimes though…

How tired you are…

How good it feels for your head to hit the pillow and your eyes to drift off…

(Even with my inability to wake up as fast as Mrs Fruci to the crying…)

That disrupted sleep is hard…

But we keep going..

Because we know this doesn’t last forever…

Fast forward nearly 4 years..

And my sleep is BACK…

We have two amazing little miracles…

But isn’t it fascinating?

Just how much we are willing to do…

And push through…

As we know this is a special time..

That won’t last forever..


I can’t tell you how many times some of the ladies have sat down with me 

Called me on the phone

Been in session with me at 615am <<< yes 615 am

And said “I am lazy” <<<

“I should be doing more”

“I want to lose weight faster”

Isn’t that crazy?

Especially when you consider what happens when we change:

Stage 1: Uniformed optimism ◊ you know, when you start something new. You are motivated. Excited. 

Stage 2: Informed pessimism ◊   you start to think ‘this is hard’…”I am not sure I can do this”…<<< bit like a few weeks in to parenthood…

Stage 3: Pit of despair ◊  you feel low….and look for the next shiny object to give you that UNINFORMED OPTIMISM again 

And we are back to Stage 1 and we repeat AGAIN…

That is the yoyo dieting cycle..


We make it through to the next stage.


To help you push through this NATURAL CYCLE OF CHANGE..

So you can get to stage 4

Rather than starting again ..

Stage 4: Informed Optimism  ◊ you accept where you are now. You have that self-awareness. Focus on progress not perfection and although may seem slower, is actually FASTER because you don’t give up and end up back at Stage 1…

Stage 5: Success and fulfilment  ◊ new habits are forming. You get a real reward and feeling of achievement …

If you’d like more info on our next 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+ that want to fit their clothes better, get fit and do the things they know they need to do..

Then reply with “28 Day”

And I’ll get the details. 

Matt “wannabe surfer” Fruci