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(comfort eating) How long will it take to stop?

So I got this message from Liza this week:

“Just wanted to say thank you. This week has been a real shift in thinking about food. I’ve realised that actually “treating” myself to what I actually want is taking me further away from my ultimate goal. 

I’ve lost 5lbs this week. 

However, I haven’t deprived myself of anything but instead thought of what I’ll achieve by eating it. I’ve also ran 3 times and listened to a 5 minute meditation each morning.

 I feel amazing”

Well done, Liza!

You know what I love about this the most?

The fact she’s not depriving herself. She has given herself permission but is making the choice she wants to make given the benefits and drawbacks of that decision.

I mean, everything we do, we do it for a reason, whether you know it or not…

Your actions are aligned with what you value most at that time, whether that’s an emotional pick me up

Or aligning your actions with WHO you want to be for you and those around you.

Now, I get  you probably know what you need to do…

In fact, I’ve guessed you have done it before.

You have felt in control before.

Only to lose it 

The weight to come back 

And you to “feel like” you’re back to square one.

Maybe you don’t have the perfect day so you think you may as well binge.

Maybe you feel because the scales haven’t moved this week it’s not worth it and you may as well binge

^^ think how comforting that belief is..if the scales don’t move you’re allowed to binge. Can you see how this belief is actually comforting, yet not true?

Maybe you feel that results aren’t fast enough so you may as well give up

^^^ forgetting that it could be this reason why you’re stuck right now..and that going slower may be faster?

Maybe you forget the NON scale Victories…

Be it the fruit and veg intake

The exercise you did 

The meditation 

The time for you 

The tracking of your food 

Your protein intake 

The inch loss

Or even your sleep.

Because all these things WILL add up to help you get fitter and back in control, into your favourite clothes again ..

Having that energy back again…

Now, I get it…

What do you do to stay focussed right now in the moment?

Now, as I always say, this has to be YOUR plan

And is why the first step in our 28 Day Kickstart is to have a one to one to go through exactly what will for YOU..

But that all said,

I’m writing this today to help you

And hopefully kickstart you on the right direction..

So here are a few ideas that have worked for many of the ladies:

  1. Write down the answer to this question on a post it note and leave it in your kitchen: in 5 years from now, what happens if you don’t get a handle on this habit?
  1. I will now only eat when I have written down what I am about to eat first 
  1. I will not only eat once I have taken a picture of what I am about to eat 

3 simple ideas…

So simple, most won’t bother even trying…

My advice to you today?

They may not work for you..

But if you don’t try?

They 100% won’t work for you.

And this won’t work overnight.

You just even say “I don’t want to do that forever”

The answer to that is that 

You don’t have to do it forever.

When you start getting the results you want

The breakthroughs.

We can start to help you get more in tune with your own hunger and feelings

And slowly wean off doing it.

Maybe you only track your food every other day for example.

This is small steps, compound effect 😃