IBS?? Try This:-

IBS? Try this

I’d put my knife and fork down 

And head straight to the loo. 

I thought that was normal. As I always did it. 

Until I realised it wasn’t. 

Started to understand the triggers 

From gluten to stress to portion size. 

thing is though, 

It’s rarely talked about.

Outside of your 4 walls. 

Unless you follow Fruci Fit of course 😉 

And that’s 💩…

Specifically IBS.

Which impacts around 10% of the UK population.

So here’s 6 things you can do to help:

1) Increase your water intake – not only does this help our skin and keep us full up, but also if you’ve been on a bit of a health kick, maybe eaten more fibre, know that fibre will soak up water and increasing your water intake can help with your digestion and absorption 

2) Meditate / yoga / tai chi – one study compared a low fodmap diet (a diet low intake fermentable fibre shown to increase symptoms of IBS such as gas and bloating) with yoga. The results showed that both groups reduced symptoms of IBS, showing the power of breathing, relaxation and time for you when it comes to IBS.  

3) Avoid spicy food and caffeine – this speeds things up 

4) Keep a food and mood diary – What are your triggers? How do you feel before you eat? How do you feel after eating? 

5) Reduce fermentable fibres for a short period of time and reintroduce them (reply with “gut health” and I’ll send you more info on how to do this)

6) Add 10 chews to each mouthful – those who chewed less were more likely to experience symptoms of IBS

Hope this helps 


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