I wasn’t sure about you

So I got this message the other day from one of the ladies who just started on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

“I admit to being a bit nervous about coming. I wasn’t sure about it as I’ve done stuff like this before but I can’t believe I actually enjoyed it.

Not only have I lost 2lbs in my first week, I feel like I can exercise and stick to this”

And I get it. Starting anything new is scary.

It’s unknown.

You have doubts and fears. Will you have the time? Is it worth it?

It’s why you may have noticed that I am currently offering a free one to one coaching call with me to help you get clear on what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get there

(as well as a taster week for you to have a look around and see if this is for you)

You can book a call here:

>>> Click Here To Book A Call

But I get it. You may be thinking:

“what results can I expect?”

Well, we start with an 8-Day kickstart which involves just one simple task a day. So simple you may think it won’t do anything (that’s the problem)…

Then, we set your food and fitness plan up to fit your lifestyle, making it REALISTIC for how much time you have. You can do short 5 minutes workouts at home? Or we can exercise together.

It depends on YOU and what you CAN do. This is YOU vs YOU.

We also go over any obstacles.

Christmas being a big one, of course.

Perhaps you’re worried about social events and eating out? Maybe a lack of time? We’ll put together a plan for this. 


You report back to me EVERY week. We make tweaks depending on how you are doing…

And in the nicest possible way, I’m also here to just make sure you do the things you know you need to do even when motivation is low…

Because if you do it then?

That’s when it becomes a habit.

And you can achieve results like the ladies do here:

>>> Here’s Some Of The Results That The Ladies Have Achieved Here

Want to have a chat about it?

Book a call here:

>>> Book a coaching call

Speak soon

PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you think differently about food. diet, and exercise so you can stop relying on ‘willpower’:

1- Get my 6 principles to help you think differently, get motivated and lose weight in my book for FREE: Shift: Simple Guide Helping Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back:


Or grab a hard copy of my book on Amazon here:


2- Book a FREE Private 1-1 Coaching Call With Me To Get Clarity and Put a Plan Together To Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals:

For a limited time, I’m offering you a FREE 1-1 Coaching call with me to help you put together a personalised plan to help you reach your goals. 
At the very least?
You’ll get some clarity on what you need to do to get out of your own way…
You can book an appointment with me here:
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