I need to stop comfort eating…

I’m VERY much aware of how hard this comfort eating and emotional eating (or not eating in some cases) can be and how frustrating it can be.

Starting each day off with the best intentions…only to ‘fall off the wagon mid-afternoon and in the evenings’.

And worst of all? Perhaps not even understand why or how you keep doing it?

After all, I had an eating disorder growing up so trust me when I say that I don’t take this lightly…

In fact, I sometimes STILL feel the ‘all or nothing’ / ‘on / off’ mindset now. Failing to acknowledge my ‘wins’ and the good things I’ve done and just focusing on the the few things that have gone wrong

^^^ Which completely drains my energy, makes me irritable with loved ones for no reason as I’ve often forgotten what I was worried about…

sometimes things can seem pretty $#*!….but here’s what I KNOW to be true about all of this stuff….

It is NOT something you ‘catch’ and it isn’t contagious. And even though it may not feel like it..even though people will tell us different.

it’s actually something we CREATE ourselves (maybe with the help of our environment, cakes at work, upbringing etc) with our bodies, our mindset, our thoughts and most importantly>>>> whether you choose to believe them or not

But my favourite part?


because if you’re capable of creating THOSE feelings / habits then you’re also capable of creating the opposite…​​

^^^ Which is where the confidence comes in

And I’ve honestly been overwhelmed with the results and messages I’ve been getting from the ladies (you can check some of them out here: www.FruciFit.com/results)

Want to learn what we do?

Well, the free 7-day trial I’m running closed for applications yesterday and our evening programme is full.

That said, I will be opening up 10 spaces for the next programme soon​​

In the meantime, here’s something for you to do to start ‘creating’ a better mindset TODAY:

* Write down 3 things you did well yesterday *

^^^ And don’t say it didn’t work for me…do this consistently over time, and you’ll protect your confidence…which is probably the ONE thing we all need to do everything we all truly capable of achieving. 

This isn’t an overnight quick fix, either.

But I will say that just this simple habit of journaling has completely changes how I handle stressful situations ​​​​and worries based on a future that I’ve made up..

Anyway, best get off as it’s a busy day of early morning sessions, taking my daughter to toddler club followed by our evening sessions.

PS- If you wanted to get one of the 10 spaces I’ll be releasing soon for the next Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, just hit REPLY and type ‘YES’ 🙂

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