How Annette is back in her old favourite clothes

Annette had joined gyms before and ate ‘healthily’ for years but thought she’d give this a go given that her back issue meant that the typical high impact exercise was a ‘no no’ for her…here’s what she said the other day:
“As the founder of the IDNOB (In Dire Need Of Belt Club) I just to share this photo. Yes it’s a belt! It’s over 10 years old and has laid discarded after it stopped going around my waist. Really! It didn’t meet in the middle 😂 Now happily reunited and sat comfortable on the middle hole 😂 

As you can see, my jeans are far too loose! Thanks Matt Fruci for helping to make this possible “​​
It’s not just Annette that’s been surprised at what she’s achieved, as another one of the ladies added:

“The fact that I’m actually able to come every week and stick to something is HUGE for me. Even my husband has been shocked and pleasantly surprised.”

We seem to find that our programme helps you:

✅ Create new and long lasting habits regarding exercise

✅ Learn which foods help you feel fuller longer, give you more energy and feel less bloated (by personalising the plan for you…rather than every Tom, Dick, and Harry)

✅ Feel more confident about not only how you look and feel but also how to keep your results for good without spending hours working out or obsessing over what’s healthy and what’s not…

✅ Get the accountability and support you need to do the things you already know you need to get the noticeable results you want and get out of your own way

Basically, our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme gets results without it seeming like too much of a major, time-consuming commitment.

You can check out Annette’s results below

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