How to stop blaming willpower and reaching for the chocolate

That mid-afternoon crash has hit me a fair few times over the last few weeks. Making it too easy to grab ANOTHER coffee (although my Caffe Nero stamps are stacking up ;-)) or ANYTHING quick (usually something left out on the side or can get super peanut butter / Naked bar / Chocolate etc.)

Just like what happened here:

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In truth, I haven’t completely stuck to our Food, Fitness, and Focus system that we use in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. It’s how myself and the ladies I work with score ourselves each week to measure progress and become accountable.

There’s been times where I’ve skipped the ‘me’ time, the odd workout.  Telling myself that I didn’t have time to do it…

only for that to come back and bite me on the bum as what i thought would help me just made me blooming tired and irritable lol

But that’s life. Perfect doesn’t exist. It’s you vs you and how you respond to the situation that counts. As beating myself up for not doing what I said I would do does nothing, right? Apart from make a ‘situation’ that I can change…a problem that grows stronger 


…so this week I’m back on with my writing 3 things I did well each day, planning my lunch so WORST case I’m in control of this meal allowing me more flexibility to eat the foods I love at teatime with the family, and using the Headspace app for 5-10mins just SLOWW DOWN.

Which ALREADY has meant that I don’t have as much coffee (sorry Caffe Nero…), I rely on less on willpower, I have more energy, I’m WAYY more productive with my time and – most importantly – better to be around with my family and friends (by friends, I mean my daughters teddy bears and a guy on the High Street who says ‘hi’ to me) as I feel better about myself.

But I get that this doesn’t always happen. Which is why I’ve put together a checklist so you can make better decisions about your food choices without draining your willpower:

1. Keep a favourite family photo near the door handle of your fridge (this can help to remind you of why you are doing this healthy eating stuff and what the actual point of looking after yourself is)

2. Only have a fruit bowl out on the side (those who do this are on average 10lbs lighter)

3. Make sure you have 6 ready to eat protein portions in your cupboards / fridge (such as 0% yoghurt, sliced chicken, eggs, salmon, beans, tofu, tinned fish, Babybel 🙂 etc.)

​​4. A full glass of water is always within arms reach (this one is literally my biggest challenge right now…not much of a fan of water, but given that most of a human being is made of water, I thought I’m basically saying that I don’t like myself by not liking water lol)

5. No nuts are on the counter (edible nuts, obviously. They are easy to pick and grab and the calories can add up unless you portion them)​​

6. Frozen veg and fruit is in the freezer, preferably in the front middle drawer (with ice cream at the back in the bottom drawer)​​

Anyway, I’ve got 52 of these habits – which – if done consistently can help you lose your next few lbs even on those days where you’re exhausted and have little time for you…

Because if you can avoid draining your willpower on food and this weight loss stuff by making it more simple?

Well, y​​​​ou’ll have more time and patience for your family and loved ones (which in the grand scheme of things is WAY more important).

If you want me to send the full checklist, just send me a message at

Matt ‘keep it simple’ Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back ​​

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