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“I need to lower my cholesterol”

“I need to lower my cholesterol”

“I’m trying to lose weight and ‘tone up…And I also want to lower my cholesterol…

which foods will help lower my cholesterol?”

^^^ A question I get from a lot of ladies on our Kickstart.

I get it. It’s confusing out there. 

It ‘seems’ like they change their mind about butter, eggs and cheese every day.

Forgetting ONE key thing I’m going to share with you today.

So, first things first….

There are certain foods which MAY lower your cholesterol.

Here’s 4 ‘cholesterol lowering’ (types of) foods:

1) Oats – they contain beta glucan which can bind to cholesterol and interfere with it’s absorption. 3g of a type of fibre (beta glucan) found in oats per day has been shown to reduce cholesterol

​​ (that’s equivalent to 3 bowls of porridge per day, however…)

2) Unsaturated fats – Getting the majority of your fats from polyunsaturated, such as oily fish, olive oils and nuts, or monounsaturated fats, such as avocado and olive oils can have cholesterol lowering effects (you could also fry with ‘fry light’ instead of butter / coconut oil

As for saturated fats..

Despite all the negative press, they seem to have a neutral effect…so I’m not saying you have to avoid them.​​

3) Plant sterols and stanols – They are similar in structure to cholesterol so may block the absorption of cholesterol.

​​They are found in veggies and nuts.

​​However, you’d probably need to eat a ton of these to get the amount needed for the ‘cholesterol lowering’ effect (hence the yoghurts etc..but even them, you still have to eat quite a bit of the stuff)

4) Soluble fibre – Yep, found in good old fruit, veggies, and pulses like lentils and beans! Your other half won’t thank me for that one…

But are we missing what’s REALLY important here?

Well, the scientists looked at the effect of high fat vs low fat diets on cholesterol levels and found:

* Low fat diets decreased bad (LDL) cholesterol

* High fat diets were superior to low fat diets with respect to good (HDL) cholesterol 

^^^ Controversial, right?

Because we now know that your ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol is a key indicator in heart disease. 

​​And is perhaps a better indicator than TOTAL CHOLESTEROL…

But there’s more

Weight loss / FAT LOSS through diet and exercise seems to be important

​​as every kilogram of weight loss is associated with a DECREASE in your bad cholesterol and an INCREASE in your GOOD cholesterol 

So, whether you go high fat or low fat…losing fat and ‘toning up’ (which muscle strengthening exercises will help with) appears to be the key 

Which brings me back to something I’ve been talking about a lot this week…

Being a bit rough around the edges with your diet.

-Not beating yourself up if you aren’t perfect today…

-Giving yourself permission to eat the foods you want and just accepting that certain foods may slow your progress moreso than others but you are CHOOSING to do this 

^^ Try this one…you might just be nicer to yourself

-Treating yourself how you treat others

-Reminding yourself of the benefits and drawbacks of comfort eating – how do you feel after? Does it satisfy you ? What would have happened to actually satisfy you?

How much does it cost you to comfort eat?

How much does it cost you to put off exercise? 

Increase your self-awareness and relationship with food..

Which will probably make you healthier

Than any cholesterol lowering yoghurt…

Especially as one study found that half of the patients aged 40-54 with ‘normal cholesterol’

still had high risks of heart disease ​​​​

and that everything from your stress management, exercise habits, eating and sleep

Are probably all things we can look to improve today

no matter how small…

progress is progress.​​​​

And this ‘You vs You’ / ‘aim to get 1% better today’

This is one of the reasons why we created our Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ in Devizes and Marlborough. 

I would speak to so many ladies

Who expected to be ‘perfect’…. 

thinking they had to ‘do it all’ to get the results they wanted..

Saying ‘I am an all or nothing person’…

Forgetting that you just have to win TODAY…

And do more things ‘right’…

You might just surprise yourself in as little as 28 Days

After all, if a ship or a plane goes ‘off course’

They don’t just think ‘F it’

They course correct as quickly as possible…

And the sooner you can course correct

The better..

Which is why we have such a focus on support and accountability to help you do the things you know you need to do… 

If you’d like more info on our Kickstart programme for ladies over 40 in Marlborough and Devizes?

Just send over a message with ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Devizes’ ’ and I’ll get you the relevant details

​​Matt ‘Certified Course Corrector’ Fruci