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“by the 21st June…”

You probably know that

We’re a bit different to a gym 

In that we don’t work with everyone 

(as what we do doesn’t suit everyone…

I mean, if you want to get a better time than last time with your Ultra Marathon and build huge bodybuilding muscles, this probably isn’t for you 😉 )

And when speaking to some of the ladies this week

It’s definitely a theme that – rightly or wrongly – people are feeling 

A tad nervous about 21st June..

^^^ Freedom Day / Boris Johnson’s birthday 🎂 

Because they’ll be seeing everyone again..

And aren’t feeling confident.

“No one had seen me from neck down since lockdown as I’ve just been on Zoom”

And I get it.

Everyone wants to feel good…

When you feel good, it’s contagious …

Those around you feel good, too.

The endorphins are flowing.

The sun comes out (ok, maybe not all of the time)..

But I get it might feel like an uphill battle right now.

I mean, one of the ladies yesterday mentioned she wanted to lose 2 stone by September…

And wasn’t confident it was achievable.

Yet when we worked out…

It’s about 3lbs a month…

And if you’re feeling the same right now…

And I just want you to know that 

You’re not alone.

It’s something we talk about a lot inside the Kickstart Programme. 

Because sometimes the difference is as simple as the support and accountability to do the things  you know you need to do 

Even on your busiest, most stressful day.

And this doesn’t have to be an hours exercise session…

Or cooking recipes that look great on paper but don’t fit in with your actual life (fussy eaters, having to eat separately)

It can be as little as 1 or 10 minutes day 

The key part?

Setting your expectations so you’re not comparing  yourself with o your best day, every day

^^^ that’s a sure fire way to feel rubbish 

Accept where you are now and set where you want to go and how you’re going to get there 

^^ we walk you through this step by step in the Kickstart

That’s how you build momentum..

And get to reap the rewards from doing the “right” things 

You know, actually doing the exercise rather than saying you will and then beating yourself up for it.

Because “half assed” is better than “no assed “

And sometimes 

A half assed workout is all you need 

To kickstart the way you feel 

And get back to it again..

That’s the power of small habits.

And before you know it?

That hill that once was puffing you out to climb 

Feels a bit easier .

Like Venetia said:


Our next Kickstart begins on Monday 8th March.

Message me  with “Kickstart”

And I’ll get you the details.