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How to stop snacking (& chase the the grandkids)

“I want to get down on the floor with the grandkids and chase them around”

^^ this was a ‘WHY’ set by one of the ladies just starting out on her 28 Day Kickstart last week  

We then went on to an important question l:

“What are you willing to do to achieve that?”

^^ it’s quite a powerful, yet uncomfortable question, for sure.  I get that. 

But you know what?

It helps you build your plan rather than me just telling you what to do (I can guide you,

For sure, but it’s better if I ask you great questions and we come up with a plan together that you feel CONFIDENT to do)

We found the issue was her snacking.

And lack of exercise. 

The good news?

She had already got into the habit of doing our 10 minute exercise sessions DAILY.

Which is amazing.

She loved the towel workouts and the no floor (no getting up and down from the floor).

But the snacking was still an issue. 

She knows that when she eats more protein, she snacks less and feels more full up.

But that’s not all…

as you get older…

Our ability to utilise / synthesise protein reduces…

contributing  to muscle loss 

And making everyday tasks harder!

Not to mention that our reduced ability to synthesise protein means we:

  1. Need more to get the same benefit (about double that of a 20 year old)
  2. May benefit from higher quality, complete protein (meats, eggs, soy, dairy, whey, or combine proteins if you’re vegetarian)

And this brings me to the question regarding frailty and losing muscle :

Is this because we lose muscle as we age?


Is it because we move and eat less as we age?

Well, a recent 2016 research paper provides even MORE of a reason to make sure you’re getting your protein in…

As a higher protein intake was associated with a lower prevalence of FRAILTY


Having muscle weakness, feeling exhausted and being a bit ‘slow’…

And the most fascinating part of this research?

Even though higher protein intakes were associated with a lower prevalence of frailty…

High overall food intake wasn’t…

Which makes me question the old ‘careful on the protein’ guidelines even more…

And if you need a bit more persuading to get your protein in.

So we came up with this:

  1. Protein at each meal (simple habit she is now accountable for)
  2. 10 minute workout a day (achievable and she feels she CAN do it)
  3. 2 snacks of what she wants per day 

Now my key point here?

This isn’t a set in stone plan.

Things may change,

Obstacles WILL come up.

But the key?

She has got started.

And accepted that obstacles are ON the way not IN the way.

And that’s where the accountability, support from me and our team, Q and As with myself and Dr Adam Bibbey, all come in to play

To help you do the things you probably know you need to do already.

And I’ll finish with this.

Sure, this might be difficult.

But often forget something…

Isn’t the alternative difficult, too?


Staying the same?

Matt “protein” Fruci