“I lied”

So this weekend I had the luxury and the honour of watching...




With the main man himself...Dwayne Johnson (accompanied by his enormous biceps) saving everyone​

The Mrs wanted to watch some romantic film BUT I stayed loyal to Dwayne and co and actually WON. I got to choose the film...WIN

^^^^ and it probably won't ever happen again

What does this have to do with me (and you) being a liar?

Well despite not really having much to it​...apart from earthquakes, biceps, Apple Macs and Pepsi <<< great product placement...

​I kept justifying the film...focussing on the good bits (if there were any). I didn't want to be wrong. And you especially don't want to admit that you're wrong to friends and family as they really know how to push your buttons...

I even fell asleep (yep, Dwayne Johnson couldn't save me) but still justified it..

And it's a bit like you pretending that you're not bothered about your body and fitness levels.

Pretending that you're not bothered about how it can reduce your libido, stop you wearing the clothes you want to wear, have more confidence, more energy, and be more productive. 

Deep down it affects us. We're humans. Unfortunately, we DO care what others think. Sometimes we need to ignore them but other times they might actually be right 

^^^ a bit like the time I did one of my first public speaking events when I was so nervous that I got a lot of (constructive) criticism in FRONT OF EVERYBODY...Swallow me up type of moment.

BUT these experiences can make us understand what we want. 





And there's one GOOD message from San Andreas:

"TRUST THE SCIENTISTS"...or you'll all be doomed by the earthquakes

So what now? Well as Dwayne says himself...


Stop lying to yourself and ask yourself what YOU actually want and whether what you're doing is getting you any closer...

Because if it's not...why you doing what your'e doing?


PS. ​Watching San Andreas probably won't help you ditch the love handles any quicker...

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