Her dirty little secret

So the debate continues...

Is Maria Sharapova a cheat?

Or is an "honest" mistake going to take her tennis career?

If you don't know, Meldonium (which she tested positive for) was NOT banned until 1st January 2016. It has been shown to increase performance.

I'll be honest, I'm no longer shocked when stories like this come out.

Did she cheat? Would a high profile athlete really risk if for (probably) the slightest performance enhancing benefit?

Who knows...

But we can all take something from the reaction of fellow tennis player Madison Keys..

"I do not want to see her career end on an honest mistake"

^^^^ "honest mistake"..

And this exactly why I don't work with any Tom, Dick or Harry and that all clients HAVE to go through a strategy meeting and movement analysis.

^^^ not willing to do this? Well we won't be a good fit for each other...

You see, this stuff is so important for

A) myself (me determining whether you're a good fit / whether I can even help you / whether I can recommend you to someone who can)


B) you (do you even want to work with me? Is this the right programme for you?)

Analysing the way you move plays a big part in selecting the right exercises and programme for you.

Past injuries

Injury prevention

Maximum results for minimum time / effort


^^^ All key ​things we consider...otherwise...

be it by injury, boredom, LACK OF RESULTS...our "honest mistakes" cost us and could be career ending...

You can build on your technique and make an exercise work for you.

Be it learning to embrace your core, contracting the right muscles and / or controlling the weight and not letting gravity do the work for us...

Consistency pays off. Stop stopping. Master the basics. Just like Paul is, improving every single week...

Here he is deadlifting with two different bars to see what works best for him: 

Want to see for yourself? Apply online: https://frucifit.com/strategy-call/

Speak soon,


PS. I saw Messi say that Barcelona should be wary of Arsenal "coming back" tomorrow night...where's the honesty in that????

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